Amazing Fun Facts About Climate and Weather

  1. Weather events happen because the sun heats the Earth’s surface unevenly.
  2.  More sunlight hits the equator than it does the North and South Poles. 
  3. Uneven heating results in temperature differences, which cause air currents to form.
  4. The sun constantly powers this process on the Earth and causes high and low air pressure.
  5. Climate refers to long-term average temperatures, rain and snowfall data collected in a place for over several years. 
  6. Rain is made when water evaporates and the air cools down and then turns into water droplets.
  7. Some Climates are the same kind of weather, but the UK has a very unpredictable climate.
  8. The highest wind speed ever recorded is 372 km/h.
  9. The highest temperature ever recorded on Earth was 58 Celsius in the Libyan desert.
  10. The coldest temperature ever measured was -88 Celsius at Vostok Station in Antarctica.


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  1. Hi Susan, really liked your facts they were very detailed. I really liked the record breaking facts. Next time try to add in a little bit more description.

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