Amazing climate facts.

  1. Did you know 18000 years ago most of Britain was covered in a layer of ice and glaciers.
  2. The Earth has been warmed by about one degree in the last century.
  3. For a long time people have been burning quite a lot of oil and gas,  when they are released into the air they make an invisible blanket and that’s what warms the Earth.
  4. The climate change is effecting the polar bears, the ice they live on is melting.
  5. Also, the climate change can change the flavour of your tea.
  6. The climate is making the rainfall in Kenya a lot less predictable.
  7. You can help prevent climate change by walking instead of using a car and switching off electrical items when your not using them.
  8. The coldest temperature ever recorded in England is -27.2.
  9. The hottest day ever in the UK recorded is 38.5.
  10. The most rainfall in one day is three metres, that’s as tall as the tallest man!


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