Amara’s diary

Monday the 23rd of June year 100

Dear Diary,

I am Amara and today I went to a place in the forest where i have never been before , I was by a glowing Schnozzle Berry bush when I heard a huge crash .When I went to check it out I found out that it was a meteor , it was red , orange and yellow . I realized that the colours were the top three colours in the rainbow, I got closer and closer when I had to run back home because a door started to open . A creature chased me until I got home and I let mum know to put a force field around our home , the creature flung a long way backwards because of the force that he hit it . His last words were ` I just wanted to be friends ` ,I felt really bad about killing the creature  so I never went back to the place again .



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  1. Hi Ruby,
    I loved your story I would feel bad if I killed a creature that just wants to be friends with me.Great story next time remember to put capital letters for (I) well done.

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