All you need to know about World War 2.

  • In September 1939, the worlds most devastating War started.
  • World War 2 was a war against the Allies and the Axis of Evil.
  • Hitler was ruling Germany and wanted Germany to rule Europe.
  • In September 1939, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland.
  • Britain and France declared War on Germany.
  • The War invovled 61 different countries.
  • The 2nd World War was the first War to use jet planes and nuclear bombs.
  • The big 3 Allied leaders  were  Winston Churchill (Great Britain) , Franklin Roosevelt ( The United States of America) and Joseph Stalin (Russian Federation).
  • The main planes that were flown by the Allied forces were the Spitfire and the Hurricane.
  • The Spitfire planes were made of fabric and wood.
  • The Luftwaffe was Germany’s air force.
  • The battle of Britain was were Germany attacked Britain so that we wouldn’t be ready to fight them.
  • The War 6 years long and it ended in 1945.
  • 55 million people lost there lives and 40 million were civilians.
  • The White Cliffs of Dover in Kent, held a maze of tunnels that protected soldiers that were tasked with guarding the coastline.
  • The Home Guard was made up of men and women who did not become soldiers. They acted as our eyes and ears in case of an enemy invasion.

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