All Gone Wrong

Professor.Bigadyblot was working on his new mutation, a purple, twisted, crocodile. Suddenly, he used his heart starter to make it alive, he found it difficult but it finally arose out from the bed and started to smash all the tech around him. It’s turning eyes were like fire as it trampled towards the Professor and it threw a bleeping radio demolishing the window behind. Would this creature ever stop? Then it fell through the old, oak floor and into the bath tub of the old lady downstairs. “YAAAAA,” she screeched as it gobbled her alive.


All Gone Wrong — 1 Comment

  1. Poor lady! All she was doing was taking a bath and a mutated purple crocodile just fell on her and ate her! Good job Daniel, you really described the crocodile well to look scary and out of control. The story was very exciting from start to finish. What happens to the crocodile and Professor Bigadyblot?

    Young Min
    Edinburgh, UK

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