Jack always wanted to go to space, as he loved it and and always wanted to be an astronaut.       “WOW!” shouted Jack. Jack could see something in the sky but he didn’t know what it was however he saw a flashing light as well. He was wondering what it was; he wanted to find out.

The next morning Jack was seeing things again with flashing lights and thought it was a UFO but wasn’t shaw. Jack was about to go to space: it was his dream. How could he, he was only 10? 10 9 8… BLASTOFF. Red flames bursting out of their engines and fire like fury coming out as well. He had to sit still for 5 hours and not move. 2 hours into the flight, he was on the atmosphere and could see the flying object in the sky. Jack could see aliens, as he past the UFO into space. The rocket burst into pieces…

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