Achiles’s Missing Dog And The Weakness.

At the crack of dawn, I woke to the dazzling brightness coming through my curtains.As my dog, (Jack) barked is head off, I headed downstairs for some dog food and some breakfast. As I ate my normal breakfast like every other day I knelt down to pass Jack some food but oddly, he wasn’t there.

“Jack!” “Jack!” “Where are you?” after hours of uproarious screaming, I began to feel more concerned and started to worry about Jack, see he was only a puppy and I dont think he would be safe. I headed out to search for my dog and I wouldn’t leave until I found him. After hours of walking it began to become more and more dark, as my last shred of hope began to fade away I heard the best sound I could possibly imagine “woof!”.

“JACK!” I immediatly rushed over to where I had heard him, but instead of finding Jack all I saw was a figure watching me, idle, in the dark. I headed over feeling perplexed. The trees swished in the moonlight and I started to get closer to the figure, but all of a sudden an arrow full of poison shot straight into my heel.

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