About Charles Darwins theory on Evolution using finches


  • Charles Darwin read a book called the essay on the principle on population by Thomas Malthus.
  • Malthus said when populations grow resources like food air and water did not grow at the same rate.
  • Malthus said then this created a struggle for existence for limited resources.
  • Darwin’s second point was that within species there were different types.
  • Darwin’s theory of evolution said that because of competition for resources the strongest type of any species would survive and the weakest die out.
  • He called his theory Natural Selection.
  • In his book Charles Darwin wrote about how creatures have developed and adjusted to their natural environment and the changes in it.
  • While on a voyage he collected bird fossils, he found out (from an Ornithologist) that they were 13 similar but different types of Finches, were they had evolved.
  • His other fossils included: rodents the size of hippopotamuses, and as you can tell they have evolved smaller.
  • What evolved? Monkeys, Fish the size of your finger nail evolved over time to the size they are now and rodents went from being the size of Hippopotamuses to smaller beings.



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  1. Thank you Ellie-May. I am sure that others will read your blog and know what not to put into theirs. As a result, a reader will be able to gather a range of facts about Charles Darwin, his life and theories.How great is that! Then as a class we will know a load of facts collectively. Thank you for compiling these facts.

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