A Way Out

Nervously, I crept into the theatre; hoping that I would be able to see the show ‘The Terror’. The sound of chattering filled the theatre entrance, blocking people from getting in from the cold . Quickly, I looked around to see a way out from the busy crowd. I spotted a staircase that was only a few metres away from were I was hiding.

Finally, I found my chance and dashed up the stairs. Over the noise of all of the chattering , I heard the noise of classical music coming from a room down the corridor. I ran to it and opened the door…


A Way Out — 1 Comment

  1. Wow Ana! this is a great piece of work and I love the feel of it; very weird and creepy from the start. A nicely put together 100WC story and creative use of the prompt that could be developed further. I really liked the sudden, strange ending….. Well done.

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