A Trip To Space

Emma has dreamed her whole life of going to space. Emma only wanted to go into space with Lucy, Stephanie and David  (her best friends), plus  with her big brother Lucky. She has star maps all over her walls with shelves covered with space books, so now you know that Emma loves space . Emma has always asked to go into space because her great- great – Grand father did many years ago.  Her parents said that she was too young and small to go. Lucky likes rockets zooming everywhere, however he hates space books.

It was Emma’s birthday, Lucy, Stephanie and David were the only friends there except from Lucky . Her parents wouldn’t buy too much for her as they were not the richest of people, living in a lop sided, creeky house where every step you take makes a noise. “Emma, my dear, tomorrow afternoon would you, Lucky, Lucy, Stephanie and David like to into space ?” asked Mother.  What , I know you mean it we shall go to space let me pack first ! ” replied Emma interrupting her Mother then rushing up the stairs .                                                                                The day ended early with not wanting to be too tired.

The next day, they shot into space, seeing stars like gems slowly apappearing. The breathe taking purple, black land formed at once . ” Lucky I forgot to tell you this , this morning, Mother has packed a lot of food for us so you don’t need to any way ,” screamed Emma because he was floating away .”I hadn’t brought any , Mother had already told me,” said Lucky floating towards her.  They had been in space for a week now .  Every second of being in space was a marvellous, a miracle even.

It was time to leave space and the happy times to take a stressful flight to our home planet.  It took many hours but it was worth it . Seeing the the stars disappear brought tears to the females eyes they are going to miss it. All of a sudden they landed , watching a small crowed rush to them . Quickly, they jumped then ran to see their delightful family again. Since that day they lived as usual without going in to space ever again.


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