A Secret Letter From A Spartan Child

I was out in the front garden when a man gave me a letter . I strolled inside and wandered who had sent it to me . I opened the envelope and the letter read:

Dear Mum,

I really miss you , I wish I could be with you right now. The school I’m at, well, it is not the best one for me, however I have lots of friends. I have passed all the tests that I have currently had and I only have one more test  left. I really hope you aren’t too lonely at home . The school is very dull and in a few months I will start my training as a soldier. I am strong, fit and healthy so that is good. My friend Jocasta (who is a girl) has to train fighting with the boys I don’t know why. It said all of this on our charts.  I hope you are well. I will always want to see you again  (see you in person) and I will always love you. Best of luck on finding out if Dad is still alive after the last fight . By the way Mum this is a secret letter . Please don’t let any one else read this other wise I will be left to die and you will get hurt. I have sent this to you from the school.  If Dad is alive please tell him that I will always give him all my love and I also give all my love to you as well. Once again I really miss you.

Love Aegeus

I felt at the urge of bursting into tears after reading this letter. ” How lovely to see you again Juno!” I heard someone say. It was a man wanting to see the secret letter. I shrieked and refused to let him see, I slammed the door and locked it and locked the windows. I was frightened, I sunk to the unstable, chocolate-like, brown armchair . . .

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