A Night In The Woods

I strolled through the misty wood alone . The trees bent back and over themselves . I felt as if it was like I was in a horror movie . I shivered in nerve . As I stepped through the wood , I broke many sticks and twigs that lay on the woodland floor . The mist ( that was everywhere but nowhere ) vanished with each step I took . I could taste the pickled peppers I had for dinner in the back of my throat . I kept on walking , slower than I had ever walked before feeling so scared. Suddenly, I tripped and fell to the muddy , leafy ground . Lying there I saw a stick that had been carved and it read : Roxana ( my name ) , I was frozen in shock . All of a sudden , I saw a shadow…


A Night In The Woods — 4 Comments

  1. Well done Sophie!, great description in that story it makes you want to read more. I liked the bit about the pickled peppers as well. Did you get the ideas from yourself or from something else? Next time try to put comers instead of a bunch of short sentences together but apart from that AMAZING story !

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