A Life as a Spartan Boy

I am a Spartan boy and I want to tell you about my day. (It hasn’t been very good!) It started off without breakfast because it is part of our training,”I AM STARVING”! We are raised to be soldiers at a very young age so we will be ready to fight in battles. Did you know that we were taken away from our mothers at the age of 7 and taken to a special military camp? We have to march without shoes and even go without food. Sadly, the older boys beat the younger boys. We are forced to sleep outside in the cold. (I shiver a lot.) Also, we are taught to steal food, but if we get caught stealing food we will be punished with floggings, which is where you get whipped on the back. (It still really hurts.) I’ve got to go on a march right now so good bye. Wish me luck!

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