A journey into space.

The shiny white doors slid closed.                                                           ” Stand by for take off,”  the head of NASA spoke.                                3… 2… 1. WHOOSH: the speedy rocket shot off into orbit. The stars lit up the dark sky. In the distance was the moon gleaming with light. Down below the rocket was Earth; it had an aqua-blue glimmer to the sea and a light emerald colour to the grass from up above.                                                                                                            ” We will approaching the ISS ( international space station) in 10 minutes,” the control room announced.

It had been a 48h journey but they had made it. They were at the ISS. Satellites surrounded them.                                                               ” It’s so big,” the spaceman sighed. In the distance was the sun. Rays of light shone so bright it could blind someone.                         “That was a magnificent journey!” The spaceman exclaimed. Stars gleamed up in gloomy, infinitive space. Nothing could ever go wrong, could it? Suddenly, the only way back, the capsule fell down back to Earth. How would they get back?

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