A day with Simon Holebeach.

On the 30th Janurary, we had a morning with Simon Holebeach. He is a polar diver that dives allover the world like Egypt , Africa and Cornwall. We got to get into his wet suite it was every big the head part was very tight it all had to be tight so that no water got in so that he could be full  dressed and not get wet. He had got us to do experiment witch was really fun.

The experiment was a diver and he went up and down in a bottle. You will need ;

cut a pipette in to a small size,

white tack,

a bowl,


plastic bottle ,


First step is to draw a face on your pipette you could make it smiley. Next you will need to full your bowl and bottle full of water , with your bottle fill it to the top with a little bit of room. Then put your white tack around your pipette and put it into your bowl full of water and if it doesn’t touch the bottom you can put in in your bottle and put the lid on tight and squeeze.

The day was really fun and exiting i hope it happens again and he was in the paper.

by Ellie D


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  1. Great post Ellie. I love the instructions you wrote to tell people how to make the diver. Next time maybe use some brackets. 🙂

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