A Day In The Life Of Medusa

Dear diary,                                                                                              8th century BC

I started off in life beautifully but now people just run away and don’t bother to say hello because they see my snake hair and think I look horrible. Today, I went into market to buy some food and a wig to make me look more attractive but when I arrived, the shopkeepers refused to let me in. Mostly I just want people to be my friends. I used to have flowing hair and a lovely voice but now it has all changed. Anyway, beside the point, this was the worst day of my life because of the horrid world out there. I will never forget the horribleness of this. Please let me be happier tomorrow.

Medusa X


A Day In The Life Of Medusa — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Megan,
    I like your use of Medusa as a character. I would love to know why she turned so horrible. Next time try to use some more interesting descriptions.

  2. To Megan,
    I loved the fact that you mixed normall human life with Medusa. Next time try to describe her hair and how she feels a bit more.

  3. Hi Megan,
    That was a great story I loved the fact that you used Medusa as your character.I like how you made a wish at the end.I feel really bad for Medusa in other words you.Well Done.

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