“Josh, bro are you excited for the bombs to hit?” questioned Lonnie as he jumped up and down screaming “its gonna look awesome”, “Obviously not and just remember you wont be here to see it anyway!” answered Josh. As the conversation got extremely awkward, planes were coming in and they looked like Germans Josh thought they were getting there babysitters the next day but obviously not. (Josh could see a weird shape falling from the sky in fact a lot of them almost like a BOMB.) Josh was running faster than he had ever ran before with Lonnie chasing behind him “I forgot my chocolate to survive can we please go back and get it?” questioned Lonnie “absolutely not do you have a brain we could get killed if we go back!” shouted Josh but then things got even more scary bombs were starting to hit the ground and destroy the place , but then suddenly out of nowhere “LONNIE A BOMB” SCREAMED Josh then “BANG!!!…”


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