This was it she finally got to seethe famous cherry on a spoon. It was Maya’s favourite sculpture in the world. “Maya do you want an ice cream?” asked her friend Susan.

“Sure,” Maya answered. Maya was on a school trip with all her classmates they were in Italy. Suddenly, she saw a sign it said ‘Do you really want to get up close and touch the cherry on a spoon? Well you can only: £5.’ Mrs. Tyler please can we go an see the cherry on a spoon?” I asked Mrs.Tyler.

“No we need to go and get booked in to our hotel and get some dinner,” Mrs.Tyler replied.

Maya stepped into her room it glistened with gold like the sun and silver like the stars she absolutely loved it. The best part was that her window had a balcony and right outside was the shiny red cherry on a spoon.

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