Dear Fred,

I hope you are going to like this letter I have written to you: Good luck at St. Laurence and I am sure you are going to make so many friends there. You were a good friend because you were never afraid to say what you wanted to say and you were really good at sticking up for your friends.  Having you here was really fun because you always corrected Mrs. Tyler and you always made the class laugh. In fractions we will definitely miss you because then we… and Mrs. Tyler can’t race you in fractions. In class you always kept Mrs. Tyler entertained because you were very good at talking to her. You were also very good because you really like maths and my favourite subject is maths. Also you were very good at arguing with Mrs. Tyler because sometimes you won the argument and sometimes you lost the argument but you never lose your temper. Although you don’t really play sports I do remember one funny thing when we were playing football; somebody passed to you and you completely fell over the ball. I hope you didn’t mind us laughing but it was really funny – just goes to show you always made us laugh.

I hope you are looking forward to going to secondary school. When I am there I might see you there but you’ll be a year 8 and I’ll be a year 7. When you get there I am sure you will have loads of fun in school and out of school with all your new friends. I hope you will visit us sometimes and I hope you will write to us. I am sure lots of people are going to like you because you are so funny but we will definitely miss all of your funniness. Have a good time at St. Laurence,                                                                                                                                                                  GOOD LUCK… From Matthew


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