My sock monster would be a vegetarian so it would only eat fruit and veg and it would be real. It would live in my bed because he’s harmless and it’s favourite food would be a pear and it’s treat would be a veg soup. it is very good and it can’t get mad. Also it would be the size of a calendar and it would look just like me. It would be my twin brother and it would behave like me and do most things I would do. It’s name would be Sam because that’s the name of my dog and a friend of mine that I know. It would have a lot of friend’s and every night they would sneakily come over for a play date. They would have that for an hour and they would also get me involved in it. My parents would know about him and they even had made him a veg ice cream before. After a while Sam started to just be a member of the family because my parents treated him the same way as they treated me. I was very happy for Sam and he liked it as much as I did.



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