The Black Figure

An ebony statue towered above me. I stared into his hood. The black abyss chilled me to the bone.  His unnerving and daunting head spun around. Never let your fear decide your future I thought to myself. I looked inside his hood to see he was possessed by a devil. His macabre hand that was a faint ecru color reached out “NO!”

I had been dragged into his house. It was a desolated place. The city was brilliantly lit up from the immense moon, on this raw winter night. The house stood on a bleak windswept moor. I took what would be my last breath.


The Black Figure — 1 Comment

  1. OH my goodness Charlie, that is very creepy! You use some excellent vocabulary and add to the tension with short sentences. Probably needed some speech marks around the sentence in the first paragraph … “Never let your fear …”

    Well written!

    Steven Hales – Stiffkey, Norfolk, England – #Team100wc

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