Cancri e

In 2004 scientists found out that there may be a new planet called 55 Cancri e. You may be thinking well that’s just a planet however one third of the planet is made out of diamonds. The amount of diamond on it is around 26.9 nonillion pounds worth of money and is twice the size of Earth. The most amazing thing is that the planet can be seen from a naked eye from Earth but is nearly impossible. This amazing planet was dicovered by Arther.C. Clark whilst he was watching the stars one evening and to his surprise he found 55 Cancri e. It is a super size earth and the temprature of the ground is 2,700 degrees celcius and is 2,025 degrees at night: no living soul has set foot on it and is 41 lightyears away from our planet (Earth.) On 55 Cancri e scientists believe that there is a lava flow deep inside the planet.

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