x marks the spot

It was a beautiful spring morning, as a young alpha wolf cub trotted through the tall trees. Suddenly she heard a rustle, and stopped as her ears flattened back and her mouth curled into a snarl, she crouched low her hackles raised. But to her surprise through the tall grass emerged another young wolf cub. He had a silky brown coat and bright blue eyes “ hello Robin! ” she exclaimed “ Oh mornin’ Hazel! “ he said , surprised. As he inspected her coat, she was very beautiful her soft, silky hazel coloured coat and bright green and small brown ears .” I found a map !”Robin said smoothing it out on the floor,“Lets go!” hazel cried “X marks the spot!!!!!” they chorused , and of they bounded into the distance. “ Little rascals “ Hazel’s mother said as she watched them unseen “ I’d better follow them” she said and started out after them. “ we’re lost!” Robin said, as Hazle’s mum took a short cut to the X climbed a tree and waited. Soon Hazel and Robin came and started to sniff around for the dead meat, they found it quickly and Hazel’s mother jumped down and silently helped them “MUM!” Hazel cried “why are you here?” “I made the treasure map and Robin found it!” “Oh!” Hazel exclaimed. When her mum left the two young wolves howled at the moon, loving it, together forever.