200 Word Story! X Marks The Spot

Woof awoke.An aroma of petrol polluted the air and Woofs head felt heavy and diminished. A throbbing pain beat rhythmically, like a drum in his stomach.Realisation struck him like a dart against a dart board and he suddenly changed his line of vision towards his arm his arm. Direness engulfed his shaken arm, a robotic inhuman arm.It looked dark, cloudy grey like the colour of a raging storm. It had blue florescent lines running down like blue raindrops. His other bequeathed a long scar; what was it from? He sat up and questioned  Volt, “Where are we, What happened to Neptune City ;What’s going on?” He answered                                                                     “There is no Neptune City.”

Malevolent thoughts filled Woof’s head. Slowly and quietly he asked                                          “The rebellion, has it started?” Briskly he nodded.                                                                 “Most cities too, even Jupiter” Dread all kinds intruded into Woof. It had happened, it had been coming for a while already. It felt as though a bomb exploded into his stomach. Suddenly his went into focus and he saw the ship. It had grey iron congregated walls (dimly) lit by  lights stretched out a foot or so between them. Window pains at the front showed, a jungle? Then words “X marks the spot” negated the screens, suddenly the ship was shot down.

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