Wednesday 22nd May year 1869

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                                       Today was probably the worst day of my life: I almost got killed by another dragon but luckily I survived. I was walking along in the forests where know human goes and I was hunting for food like I do every day. It was a horrible day which didn’t help things a lot, but as I was walking I found another part of the forest I have never seen before. Slowly, I walked into it and as I walked into it, the entrance immediately closed. I was so scared I even wet my self; then I heard a voice and I could see something in the distance moving. It was walking closer and closer to me and then he showed himself and it was… another dragon. he didn’t look to happy with me being here so I flew away, but he started to chase me. We weaved through and out of the trees until we were going so fast he lost control and flew right into a tree.                  “That was close,” I sighed with relief. Now from that day on he was never, seen, again.

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