Slowly, the gargantuan tea cup started to fall to the ground.
” OH NO!” screamed Jamie, the cup pulled up the grass, going further and further down until it hit a sudden halt.
” Dad is going to kill me,” Jamie said to himself, looking in disbelief at the destruction he had caused. He had only wanted to scare everyone, not almost kill everyone in the village. He had to get away: away from this place, leaving his family for a life of hiding in the shadows of dark alleyways. Fighting for his life to get food, just for his survival.


100wc — 2 Comments

  1. Wow Alfie, this is a great 100 word challenge! Your use of adjectives are very evocative, especially the size of the tea cup. I also love how the story suggests that something bad has happened from up above, but does not say what, very mysterious!

  2. Great job responding to this week’s 100wc picture prompt Alfie. I love how you started right away with action and left me in suspense at the end. I hope Jamie is able to rejoin the family and village some day…

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