100 word challenge

”Beep beep .” a nuke bomb was about to go off and destroy everything in its way including people as you were probably wondering an evil villain called karaoke cam who had such a horrible voice that it would make everyone run away from him! and he knows everything in the world he will know when attacks will hit him. so what lies ahead he said to himself and the attack mist him, he just had to say those words and any attack would miss him and hit the person behind him. he got careless and a missile had hit him…


100 word challenge — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Luke,

    An interesting piece of writing – fairly dramatic!

    Try checking for capital letters and full stops as this make your writing easier to read!

    Good luck

    Mr Hales #Team100WC

  2. Thank you for your posting, Luke. You have a very enthralling story going on here. It makes me wonder what will happen next. Everyone loves to read about an evil villain. Don’t forget as you go on with your story that a capital letter tells us you have started a new sentence. Karoake must learn not to be careless dealing with missiles. Hope you agree.

    Mrs Evan-Cook Team100WC France

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