10 Weather facts

Did you know that the biggest hurricane ever was in the United States and it was 190 miles per hour and it was also called hurricane Camille.

The difference between climate and weather is a measure of time. Also weather is not climate; climate is something different to weather.

Did you know that the most rain ever recorded in 24 hours is 182.5cm (71.9 inches). The most rain ever recorded in a year was 25.4m (1000 inches).

Also the most snow ever recorded in a year was 31.1m (1224 inches).

The heaviest hailstone was weighed up to 1.0kg (2.25 pounds).

Did you know that the highest temperature in the world is 57.8 degrees (136 Fahrenheit.

Did you also know that the coldest temperature ever on earth was -89.2 degrees (-128.6 Fahrenheit).

Also the highest temperature in America is 56.7 degrees (134 Fahrenheit).


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  1. Hi Matthew, I really liked how you put figures into your facts. Good use of semi-colon. Next time make sure to check through your work for anything you’ve missed – like closing your brackets.

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