10 Incredible Roman facts.

1. Men over 20 years old are the only people allowed to join part of the Roman army.

2. Non-important Roman soldiers were Roman citizens but it didn’t mean they had to live
anywhere in the Roman empire.

3. Non- Roman people were still allowed to fight in the Roman army but only as auxiliaries,
wearing a low quality of armour.

4. Roman soldiers had to serve at least 25 years in the army after signing a contract. Once               they had finished their time, they were given a small bit of land or a pension.

5. Roman legionaries ( professional heavily armed infantry men) were not allowed to get
married although loads got away with doing so.

6. Roman soldiers were trained so much that they were able to march over 20 Miles wearing
full body armour and carrying loads of different weapons and important equipment.

7. They were taught to swim a very long way, build long bridges and set up a camp able to
hold over 500 warriors.

8. Roman soldiers had a lot of discipline in battle, this was due to if they didn’t they would
have been beaten with a hard cane.

9. Certain soldiers were trained to play certain roles in the Roman army. some were
incredible with a bow and arrow and some were trained to use huge crossbows called

10. Roman legionaries wore a incredibly powerful armour made out of melted metal that
had been cooled down. it also had very thick leather strips from the groin and in a line
up to his neck.

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