£1 pound Challenge

At school we did the £1 pound challenge. It was really fun, it taught us how much money people can make in a day.

Everyone choose a stall which they liked to do, they then bought some stuff for what their group was doing for an example I was selling sweets so our group had to buy sweets.

Then when we ran out we had to go and buy some more with the profit plus the original pound. The sweets we brought in total were Haribo tangfastics, Dolly mixtures, Flumps, Strawberry laces, Cola fizzy laces, Strawberry fizzy laces, Strawberry pencils and normal Haribos.

At first we were given a pound to spend on sweets so Izzy bought dolly mixtures that cost 89p. We sold them on Monday to the class for 25p, each bag had ten sweets inside it.

We made 84p profit on Monday later that day I went and bought Haribo Tangfastics, Strawberry laces, and 2 small Flumps. On Tuesday we made £2.24p in profit, Ruby then went and brought Cola fizzy laces, Strawberry fizzy laces, Strawberry pencils and normal Haribos.

On Friday we made £4.20p this was the end of the £1 pound challenge.

The next challenge we need to do is the £5 pound challenge.

Here are the pictures of what we bought,

    Haribo Tangfastics        Image result for sainsbury's strawberry laces packet real

Image result for dolly mixture packets



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  1. Hi Lily – you certainly jazzed up your post by posting pictures of what you bought – it made my mouth water! 😉 You described your selling process really well and gave lots of details to really interest the reader. Well done – you really though about your sentence structure too. 🙂

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