£1 Challenge

As you know, the £1 challenge is for raising money for something and for brain skills. Orchid Class have been raising money for a water filter in Ghana. The £1 Challenge is where you have a pound and you have to buy something from that and raise money from the item you have bought (a profit). Mine and my group’s stall was lemonade with ice-cream, cocktail umbrella’s, candy canes and mint chocolate sticks. We organised it by working together, planning, getting the things and using maths (for the money and getting the things need maths to use up your pound correctly and not going over). The things you need to do to run a stall is to be polite and be ready (being ready: getting something ready before they actually come). In the end me and my group made £38.45.


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  1. Wow Eleanor! Your group did amazingly well. it did look very tempting with the table cloth and daffodils. You also thought a lot about your product presentation too. Well done and thank you for working so hard. What did you learn about trading that you would do next time? 🙂 🙂

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