£1 challenge

For the one pound challenge we sold lollies. I worked with Kieron and Lewis. We decided that Lewis and Kieron would make the posters and I would buy the lollies. The posters told people how much the lollies would cost and they had information on them about special offers. I decided to place stars on the lollies to make them look more presentable to the customers. I cut the stars out of sparkly paper. When I had finished I stuck the lolly sticks into potatoes that were covered in tinfoil.

At the end of the day we took out a table and we set up our lolly stall. We stuck the posters on the front of the table and Mrs Tyler gave us the float so we could give people change. We traded on Tuesday and Friday. Our busiest day was probably on Friday because there were more people selling different things at the same time and there were more customers. We made lots of money, even though I pinched a lolly!

For the £5 challenge we will buy more lollies and try out different decoration such as flowers, mini footballs and little animals.






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  1. Thank you Charlie. You wrote a very informative post and remembered to add all the details – it made for very interesting reading. How much profit did you make? I am glad you learnt some tricks for encouraging customers by planning to make your stall look more appealing next time. Well done – 1wwp 🙂 🙂

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