£1 challenge.

All throughout last week Orchid was split into groups to do the £1 challenge. In my group was : Dan, Isaac, Me(off course) and Dougie.  To try and raise as much money as we could we sold ice-cream and lemonade. It went down really well. We would charge 30p for a cup of lemonade and 50p for both. On day 1( Monday) we made £2. Then on day two(Thursday) we made £21.18 , which was really good. And then on the final day ( Friday) we made £25.45 ( I think).

The  whole reason we did this was 1 to prepare for the £5 challenge. And two to raise money for a charity called the Helen Hodgkins Trust. In this charity they give money to people in ghana to make water filters. Each water filter cost’s £100. As for that we made a whopping £144.06. That means we could buy 1 water filter.


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  1. Hi Josh – thank you for your post. You used a great opener at the beginning (which made me very smiley!). You did raise a lot of money. Would you consider doing the same next time or do you think you will change your stall? Was there anything you learnt or had to change in the challenge process? 🙂

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