£1 challenge

For the one pound challenge , my group did popcorn.We started with one pound and then had to make a profit, if you don’t know what a profit is it means you need to make more money that you started of with. We sold our popcorn on Thursday and Friday and made a profit of £24.45.We sold plain popcorn and popcorn with sugar in it,on Thursday we made about £10 and Friday we made about £13.We sold the popcorn after school to public, my group was Freddie and Finn.Altogether, the whole class made more than a £100!

All the money is going to a charity called Helen Hodgkins trust. Helen Hodgkins trust is a charity that gives villages in Ghana water.


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  1. Hi Dylan – thank you for being the first to describe what ‘profit’ is. There may be some younger members of the school who have not come across that word before. You didn’t say what you had to change during the challenge or what you have learnt from the experience for next time. I know that you changed when you made the popcorn for the Friday session – you did really well to sell all of it. A great job by the whole group. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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