£1 Challenge

£1 Challenge

This week in Orchid class we did the £1 challenge, the idea of the challenge is to build on your £1. In my team were: Josh, Isaac and Dan. For our stall we did lemonade and ice cream.On Monday when we sold to the class, we got £2. On our second sale we made £21.18p (I think), we were really pleased that we got so much money. We are doing the £1 challenge to help people in place like Ghana, or other places without  much clean water. We are raising money to buy water filters to clean the water so that people can survive.

To try to make as much  money as possible we wanted to by the cheapest ingredients we could, so Daniel bought the fizzy drink and ice cream from ALDI (at least that’s what I think). Even though the ingredients were cheap, people still enjoyed the cream and fizzy; Jessica from Clover class said “this is delicious!”.


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  1. Hi Dougie – thank you for your post. Wow – you used a range of punctuation ((),:'””! 6 pieces) as well as explaining the whole process. What did you learn for next time? You will have more money to spend (£5) so you might want to sell something different. What are your thoughts? 🙂 🙂 2wwp for the punctuation. 🙂

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