£1 challenge!

This week in Orchid class we did the £1 challenge, in my group we did pick’n mix sweets. Our sweets included:


Dolly mixtures,


Strawberry laces,

Cola fizzy straws,

Strawberry fizzy straws,

Strawberry pencils.

At first we were given a pound to spend on sweets so we bought dolly mixtures firstly for 89p. We sold that on Monday to the class for 25p for each bag of  ten sweets. We made 75p profit on Monday so we spent that on Haribo, Strawberry laces and Flumps. On Tuesday we made £2.23 profit and we spent that on Haribo, strawberry pencils, strawberry fizzy straws and cola fizzy straws. Finally on Friday we made £4.20 profit. In total we traded for three days ( Monday, Tuesday and Friday). All the money we made in total was £7.18 but we spent £2.98 so taking that away from £7.18 = £4.20. To run a stall you have to be well organised and ready for customers, you only ever need to take prices down when there is nobody coming to your stall. To make things better I would put the sweets ready for customers in a bag so it doesn’t take as long.



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  1. Hi Izzie, I really liked your post because you explained the maths really well. Well done for running a successful stall! 🙂

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