£1 Challenge

The £1 challenge is designed to prepare us for the £5 challenge, after SAT’s. The challenge starts with groups being given £1, they then have to go away and buy something with that £1 to sell after school, the aim is to end up with more than a £1, whoever earns the most money, wins. The money that has been raised will go towards buying a water filter for the Helen Hodgkins Trust (a charity made to help give water to the people of Ghana).

All of  the stalls got a chance (on Monday) to bring in their item and sell it to the class to make more money – so that they could go away and buy more items to sell to the public after school. I was teamed up with Freddie and Dylan, we decided to sell popcorn. Our idea was to make popcorn during selling time (after school) however, the schools popcorn machine was quite old, so took a long time to pop the popcorn. As a result of the popcorn machine being old and slow, on Thursday, which was our first day of selling to the public, we didn’t sell as much as we would have liked to sell however, we still earned roughly £12!

On Monday, when we sold our product to the class, we made roughly £2. We found out from Monday that lots of people wanted sugar so, therefore, bought 1/4 bag for 10p to sell on Thursday and Friday. After we realised that the popcorn machine was slow, for Friday, Dylan  brought his popcorn machine in to help make popcorn at lunch break. During lunch, we made lots of popcorn and sold it all however, we still needed to make more! In total, we made roughly £23!

Next time, if we do popcorn again, I would make more popcorn during lunch and try to sell as much as I could, I would also check that the popcorn machine was the right type and worked well for what we needed. 


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  1. Finn, I like the way you explained the story of your stall with all the details! You also learnt a lot about how to manage the popcorn and your customers. You used ,()’- and a few !. By the way SATs doesn’t have an ‘ as it is just a plural. Next time try to work in a: or ;. A great piece of writing with good flow. 🙂

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