Creepy Mansion

There was once a loving family, they decided to move house they packed all their belongings into a big white van. May (the eldest daughter) saw a lump on her iPad screen.The iPad (which was an iPad air) turned a funny colour, however when she touched the lump she was teleported to a creepy mansion!What would she do, no parents no nothing, she had to escape or she would surely die if she stayed.

She was looking everywhere for an exit but there were none.Every step she took she was getting weaker and weaker, when she was walking she started to see how the people in Mays family would die. May saw her mean sister, as the mist swirled she saw her sister thrashing in the swimming pool she was struggling to stay afloat invisible hands pulled her under and she was gone.

May’s vision of her sister was when she was 18 (that would be in ten years from now), she was glad that was coming.However, then May saw herself in the mist it showed her dying in this decaying mansion alone, she thought let’s change this so she tried to find an exit to survive.

One hour had passed May had been frantically searching for the exit, she had eaten all the food her mum had given her before she had been teleported, she was really weak now she had to drag herself along and the iPad was no use now.

All that May wanted was to go home now she was so weak she could barely walk because she was hungry and sad. May curled into a ball and her heart slowed the mist swirled around her. She could make out ghostly figures their arms outstretched grabbing at her, their icy fingers tearing at her flesh, this was it she knew she would die in this old decaying mansion.

She started to die, no-one could save her except if someone else got teleported in which was a 0.1% chance if it did happen. So that is where she died, she rose up to light and she haunted the mansion forever.


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The worst operation

I was in a quite room with my family and I was waiting for the doctor to call me. Suddenly, the doctor came to get but I didn’t know where I was going at first but then I saw a small glimpse of the room I was going in. I heard that I had to have a operation on my foot because my foot was out of place. When the operation started something went wrong and the operation was cancelled, the doctors were worried that I would wake up and that I would scream because I could see my blood. They cleaned me up and I had a plaster on my foot. All of a sudden they put me in a small smelly room with cracked windows and smashed up wood on the wall with old scary paintings on the floor. It was very scary and my family were gone, no where to be seen and someone was walking my way, I was scared and it looked like a ghost. I had to get out, I was running on one leg but I couldn’t get away, I was running too slow I had to run faster. “Come on…”

The Castle…

When you took a right down Carry Road there was a house, a house that was a bit unusual. As you go in there is a painting of a ma named Lord Stephen this man was born with one foot. A man named John went into this house with his wife Jesse… They never came back out!

The Rear Window

There was a man named Adam, he was 29 and he lived in a old flat. Sadly, the man was disabled and had to have a wheelchair. He lived in a very quiet street in the North of England. Not a lot happened in his part of the town, but lately things hat gotten out of hand. A car had crashed due to a smoke bomb lying in the road. 7 deadly dogs were let loose and 4 people were severely injured, 1 died and 3 were bitten. Also a bomb was laid out in front of a train and 18 were killed and 12 were injured. Other stories like this were in the headlines but now that was becoming old news. All that happened 4 months ago, but gloom and sadness were still hanging in the air. Who was the merciless terror-tyrant responsible for these attacks? The people reckon that the malicious killer has moved to a different place to find more victims. After all, there were other reports in London.

Yet nothing, not even the attacks had stopped Adam from what he did every evening-look out the rear window before bed for at least half an hour. He found it would make him feel more relaxed, and also relax his brain.

One night when he was doing his usual routine Adam saw someone with a big black overcoat walking down the street whistling. Then, he suddenly sat down at the end of the street in the shade of a tree and pulled out some paper. Not that unusual, Adam thought. But then, every so often he would look round his shoulder or pull his piece of paper closer, hang on, what was that piece of paper, it definitely wasn’t a newspaper. Adam grabbed is binoculars and looked at the paper closely. No it couldn’t, but yes it was, the man was plotting a murder!

Over the next week or so Adam told everyone his story, yet no-one believed him, not even his close relatives. He did lots of research in his office (which was underneath his bedroom and kitchen) but found nothing. Adam was beginning to get worried, for the date of the murder was getting closer and whats more the murder was going to happen in the apartment next to him!

On the night of the murder Adam was watching out the window as usual, when suddenly he saw the same man in the black overcoat, but this time with black gloves. Beads of sweat started running down around Adam’s face as he watched the man walk into the apartment opposite. Adam reached for the telephone, but then thought ‘I haven’t witnessed anything yet.’ Then in the window of the apartment opposite he saw the shadow of a man waving his hands around in terror, and then the outline of an axe came down on his head. Adam quickly dialled 999, but the line was dead. Adam was about to leave to his office to call the police on the internet, when suddenly in the window of the apartment opposite the murderer stared out, and smiled a crooked, crazed smile. Then the man disappeared from the window. As Adam kept looking he saw the apartment door open, and the man run across the street. To Adam’s terror he saw the man open his apartment door…

Hotel Fabuleux

Have you ever had a dream when you were younger and that one day you wish it would come true? Well, when I was twelve years old all I wanted to be was a hotel manager, and luckily for me both my parents owned an extraordinary hotel in Paris (where we lived). This oh so fantastic hotel was named hotel Fabuleux, but for you English it would be called Hotel Fabulous. This hotel was my home, my house and my life and I used up all my spare time pitching new ideas for cocktails and music to be used at the hotel.

The year 2012 was approaching and new year was our most popular time of the year as all the Duchesses and Baronesses came to see the grand lighting of the Eiffel Tower! On a gloomy day described as Tuesday there was a rush of bookings for our hotel on the 1st of January. When the gold rush of people came, I noticed a beanstalk of a man booking in to our cellar, he mentioned that he had his own fold up bed and everything to keep him going for at least a week without bothering the staff. Something about this strange man worried me so, one deserted night, I clambered down the time worn stairs being concerned not to make a creak. The cellar was plastered in stringy cobwebs and mould was growing on the battered furniture embedded in the misty floor.

A tattered old cloth covered over one part of the room as if to be hiding something. In one speedy move: which for me was not very speedy, I swiped at the cloth sending it tumbling down to a hole covered floor. The sight was outstanding, it was an animatronic, robotic chimpanzee, wearing a tweed suit he waddled over to me and then he grasped my now shivering hand in kind friendly way. This sent a chill of joy bouncing down my spine, a robotic monkey that was extremely friendly that would be my friend. As I worked with my mum and dad at the hotel I had never been to school meaning I had never had a friend, so this was a first for me. “ HH-Ello, I be Bongo who be you?” astounded by the speech of this

tree-swinger I managed to mumble “ I’m Dan … would you like to help in our hotel,” this took a little thought for such a small creature but eventually he nodded his head to symbolise the meaning ,yes.

Then out of the gloom the lofty man, who I had seen earlier in the hotel reception, appeared with an equally large grin on his face, “Bongo is my latest creation, I built him to help at your hotel he is yours now.” I felt exhilarated by this remark as I would be able to keep this animatronic well-mannered mammal. Holding his warm hand with the huge man trundling behind, I flung open the creaky old door to the heaven that was my hotel; well if heaven was like the hotel it would be great. Mum and dad flung their arms around me welcoming our new member of staff.

You will be happy to know that Bongo and I are still best friends and the hotel has made millions with our star member of staff, the robotic monkey. Also, the huge man, who I eventually discovered to be called Stanley, has become a member of the bar staff as his long legs can be very helpful for reaching the high up spirits.

The five of us Mum, Dad, Stanley, Bongo and I have all succeeded in excelling our hotel to the limit and we even invited the Queen. Inviting her was all very good and nothing went wrong until one day a giant man booked in to the cellar (that had been converted into a luxury flat) and as I slithered down the red carpeted steps I saw an animatronic snake in a tweed tie ….


The Room

It was 1965 and  Mike was on a trip in New York and he was staying in quite a creepy hotel ; Mike had ominous feelings about this hotel and he didn’t feel safe staying there.The owners had told him not to go into room 1 however he didn’t know why. Mike was very curious to find out more about room 1, so he took quite a frighting visit (without knowing what was on the other side). A few minutes later, he was standing outside the door, inquisitive to find out more. Eventually , he committed to opening it. As he was opening it, an eerie sound struck.



“Come in child,” it shouted.

Mike didn’t want to talk, he was too frightened.Suddenly, a mysterious black figure was coming towards him.He didn’t know what too do…Should I shout for help? The door slammed behind him. He was trapped. The figure  was approaching him; his heart  stopped beating.His fear was growing by the second.What can I do! He tried screaming but it wouldn’t work , it was locked in place. What was going to happen?Was this going to be his last breath – he didn’t know. Without warning, the figure grew. The only thing you could see on him was : blood, darkness and a knife. The figure was now just in front of him, he stopped breathing…

The mystery

There was a castle, a scary one and no one lived in it. It was haunted and the ghost came out every night floating around the big castle where there lots of rooms and scary pictures. Nobody ever went near it but there was one person a murderer, nobody new him nobody saw him because they were scared of getting killed. One night the murderer went into the castle to see if anybody was there, he went through a wall but never came out. The ghost was in there with the murderer. They never ever came out again. They were gone.

The Party

Get ready your in for a scare…

There was a riot of a party going on in the other room and I couldn’t get to sleep: it was very frustrating.  I can’t remember why it happened it just did. I asked my mum,                                                               “Can you tell them to be quiet?”, she surprisingly said ‘yes’ because the party was driving her crazy to! I was only 4 at this point and it was 5017 Tuesday 4th of April, it was my Birthday today! I say worst Birthday ever. Suddenly, every thing went as quiet as a mouse. You could only hear the whispering of the wilowing wind… At that very moment you could hear people whispering. If you were there the hairs on your neck would stand on end. I went to go to see who they were however they saw me first. I legged it. There was dramatic foot steps behind. But they were caching up.

The Abandoned House

It was just a usual Saturday Morning, In the village: that was called Westwood. There wasn’t much to do in this village except go in the park and play some football. However, there was these boys called Tom and Anthony (they were best friends), and they loved to explore in the colossal fields in Westwood. All of a sudden, Tom got a call from Anthony,                                             “Come quick!” he begged, Then hung up on him. Tom then swiftly hopped on his green and blue bike and rode as fast as his little legs could. Suddenly, he saw Anthony in the field with a key which was covered with dirt, Tom rapidly ran over to him,                                                         “Look” Anthony finished,                                                                                                       “What is it?” Tom questioned,                                                                                                 Before answering, he put the key in a hole in the box beneath him. Suddenly, they both got sucked into the gargantuan box.

They both landed on the stiff floor,                                                                                         “That hurt my bum!” Tom exclaimed,                                                                                       “Where are we?” Anthony questioned,                                                                                     “BOO!” someone shouted,                                                                                                   “Who’s there!” Anthony shouted,                                                                                           Then the cob web’s moved, the curtains shut and the floor boards started to shake.                   “Hi boys!” someone laughed,                                                                                               Tom suddenly, turned round……