Funnel cloud seen over Beckington today!

I was so excited! The darker clouds were rolling in, in front of the rain and thunderstorms we are supposed to have later on, and standing in a car park, I looked up to see a very low, dark, messy cloud, much lower than all the other clouds. I thought it was unusual as it already had a long ‘leg’ coming down to one side which was made of looser dark cloud. I looked further and watched the main body of the dark cloud, a rough wide funnel shape, rotate. Below the cloud was a tighter spout with messy wisps around it. I watched it for 5 mins as it rotated and then dispersed. I reckon this cloud had had two spouts and I was lucky to see one of them. I didn’t have my phone with me so there aren’t any pictures but I looked on the internet for something similar looking (below). I was much closer to it than this picture so I could see the body rotating. It then went over Dilton Marsh. Within 10 minutes it was raining hard. 🙂 🙂 🙂




Script writing and broadcasting

Throughout this week we have been working hard in English to write our own broadcasting scripts, based on the work we have been doing with our podcast episodes. We all learnt that it was so important to write for a purpose, making our writing interesting, non-repetitive and we have all really developed our performance and speaking and listening skills too.

After we had edited and polished our scripts we then went into our radio studio to record them for real!

Please listen to how we got on – we had so much fun!

A good day to come…

playmaker-certificatesHere are the PlayMaker award certificates ready for Celebration assembly this morning. The year 5 will receive their completion certificate and the year 6 will have both the completion certificate and their Bronze award which they earnt for planning and leading a PE lesson for year 1 and 2 last week.

A big well done to them!

Later on today, Orchid class have the opportunity to use the new podcasting room to record their podcasts we have been developing this week. We need to type them up first so they are easy to read and then after break we can record. So excited!

Maths Day

maths-day1-piccieToday was Maths Day. For home work, we have been focusing on our times tables as they really will help our maths and pattern recognition so we had our regular times tables tests in the morning and, not surprisingly, most people had beaten their previous score. Ellie actually aced her first go on Silver and is now on Gold! The highest difference between the last test and this one was an improvement of 25! Well done Orchid!

whats-the-pointWe had Big Maths this morning and this afternoon we pitched our wits against Lotus with a big times table ‘Wrangle’ complete with a TTRockstars countdown in the background. Freddie M was our top scorer, with Finn close behind, getting 144 mixed tables correct in 3mins and 45 secs. so they both got to enjoy the inflatable guitars and rock hair-do! 🙂 Then we returned to class and played our new maths games and some old favourites too. The year 6 enjoyed playing ‘What’s the point?’ and the Yr5 were caught enjoying top trump cards (from the Numeracy Shed) rather loudly!

PlayMaker Bronze award for year 6.

playmaker1The yr6 worked hard today and demonstrated their leadership skills by planning, organising and running a 45min PE session for children in Clover class. They had divided themselves into 3 leadership teams and they led their group for the full session including warm up, cool down, dividing into teams and running a game each. I am very proud of them. Finn asked one of the children what their favourite lesson was and the child replied, “This one!”  Says it all really. 🙂

Click below for a panoramic view.


Big Write planning

sspotOrchid class enjoyed a spot of ‘sit spotting’ in the woods today. We were gathering vocabulary and ideas for our Big Write which starts in or near a tunnel and ends up in a surprising place.

Lots of smiley faces at the end and plenty of ideas!

(Click on the picture for a better view.)


Wiltshire Festival of Engineering and Manufacturing (WFEM)

playmaker-planningThe year 6 had a fabulous session at (WFEM) today. Before we left, we started the morning with the planning for our bronze level PlayMaker award. The practical is this coming Friday when the Yr6 will organise a PE session for some of Clover class. There will be three groups and they have each organised a 45min PE session! Look out for Friday’s post!

The session at the WFEM was simply amazing. The children were handed cotton bags as they entered so they could collect of freebies from the interactive stands. There were stickers, erasers, torches, pens and pencils, fuzzies, competition sweets… the list was endless. There were robots to control, a Mars Rover, bathbombs to make, soldering irons to make torches with (very popular with our boys), radar systems to influence, wind energy, renewable energy, satellite models and animations, race tracks, computer simulations… and much more. To find out about the festival, look here:

Here are a few of the pictures from today (more will follow as the other pictures are collected)…


Weeks 1-3 in Orchid class.

It has been another busy start to the term!

In week 1, we had our entry point for our new IPC topic: Weather and Climate. The children were challenged to save some scientists on Halley IV in Antarctica – so we were preparing our route and finding out facts about the continent. Here is one of our presentations:


On the Thursday, we spent all day doing the Sport Leaders UK PlayMakers award – a PE based award for primary school children. We will receive our certificates soon.

week-2-letter-writingOn the Wednesday, we had a mystery Skype with our new pen pals! We had to ask yes/no questions and find out where they were based. It has to be said that our pen pals asked better questions than us! We eventually discovered that the clever questioners were from Brownhills West Primary School in Walsall! In week 2, we wrote our letters to them for our Big Write.

week-1-andrew-visit-photoOn the Friday, we had a visitor, Andrew, who had visited Antarctica for a couple of weeks. The children were fascinated with what happens to the waste the scientists and visitors produced! He showed us lots of pictures of fossilised trees and fossil clam shells – an indication that Antarctica was once a tropical.

Week 3: On Monday we had Emma Hodgkins from The Helen Hodgkins Trust come and talk to us about her charity that raises money for water filters to be delivered to remote villages in Ghana. As Ghana is our class country, we are going to be raising awareness and funds this year . We practiced balancing buckets on our heads:

water-buckets-1 water-buckets-2


We also had the NSPCC come and take an assembly, with a couple of workshops coming over the next few weeks. Week 3 was also Science week and we had so much fun with the science portables from @Bristol and the Explorer Dome that came. Other classes had the space session in the dome, but we had a fun packed session on forces, which took us from under the surface of the oceans to deep space  in rocket. A few of us felt a little space sick as we twisted and turned!



It has been sooo busy!

On Friday we had a class session on TTRockstars: the best part was when the whole class was playing in the one arena and competing against each other – the noise of the countdown to play was unbelievable!

This coming week is no quieter- the year 6 are off to the Wiltshire Festival of Engineering on Wednesday!