It’s my birthday

“yay” it’s my birthday at last I’ve been waiting all year long and it’s finally here. I’m going downstairs to get my presents it’s my 18th. Nooooooo!!!!!! My dumb parents got me a yellow Nissan …but it’s the wrong colour !. I wanted black I shouted at the top of My lungs I wasn’t sure I could shout any louder . So I just got so fed up I punched then both in the face and went to rob a bank  then I changed the yellow nissan to a black one than was a millionaire “yay!”.

The diary of the Chimaera.

My day started off terribly (as usual), I woke up and as soon as I opened my eyes I smacked my head against the shelf that is above me. I then went down the stairs and out of the door to go and hunt for breakfast. I was lucky, because as soon as I stepped out of the door I found a huge bird just lying there on my doormat. Once I had eaten the bird I decided to go for a swim as I live quite close to a lake, but I guess that was a bad idea because there were fishermen there and knowing it was a bad omen to see me they started shooting, luckily for their poor aim all of their bullets missed. Since that was all the exciting stuff that happened to me today I have nothing more to write about without boring you, so, good day.

Medusa’s diary

Dear Diary,
Today I managed to turn seven warriors to stone. They must have come here thinking that they could kill me but they can never resist looking into into my beautiful eyes. They make a fine addition to my expanding collection. I wonder if any more warriors will come and challenge me, I the great Medusa. I’m trying to find a grand spot for the new arrivals, they look quite similar so they would go relatively close together. Every time a warrior comes to my cave, my little scaly beauties hiss with excitement. It gives me great pleasure to turn each foolish human to stone. To think I was once a beautiful young woman adored by all, to now be a monster which everyone fears. Curse Athena for making me into this monster, she has ruined me. All these warriors come to defeat me to impress Athena but I was more beautiful then she ever will be.

The Dragon Games .

24th March 949 BC

Dear Diary ,                                                                                                                                           Today is the day of the massive Dragon games . Dragons from far away come to compete or watch . In it we play 8 different games and which ever team gets the highest score wins .I was very lucky and got in ( which meant I could compete in it ).I am quite scared because this is my first time actually taking part. Before I have just watched it as it looked quite scary but I think i’m ready to take part this year.

I’m currently getting ready by painting my teams colour on my wings and my tail . I’m in red team and I’ve heard that some of the other people in my team are really good . In the past dragons have been injured so now everyone has to wear protective gear .I’m currently just about to head to the stadium and I’m super excited .

I have just got back from the Dragon games and my team won ! I was really happy when the results got announced because the red team came first with 356 points.We were 11 points in front of the team who came second which is really good .

Another day in the life of a ‘Pheonix’.  

I wake up, I turn back into ashes. But before I turn in to ashes, I take a trip to the eternal flame. This is my journey where I go through the wall of courage which is especially hard due to the Hydra.

My journey through the wall of courage is a constant fight with the Hydra, using all of my magic powers; turning to ashes in one phase, coming back in another, which really confuses the cunning Hydra. 

So I manage to trick my way through, then onto the water fall of despair. This phase has a laver monster. I continue to play tricks and appear behind the water fall, the monster cannot catch me. To continue all I have to do is go along the tunnel ,behind the water fall, and there, I see my prize,  the eternal flame.

Me as a Mythical creature

I woke up in the dawn ready to hunt again. I slithered through the rocks and into a field with farm animals, me as a 9 headed snake (Hydra) can easily take down a farm animal in 3 seconds. I’m lucky that I even have this barn right next to my house. I sneak closer and squirt my toxic venom right into a chickens chest.The owner of the barn comes out with a knife every day shouting at me”go away, you evil poison-injecting creature” He exclaims but I always get away. After that I eat my meal and then go and entertain myself until lunch time usilly going back to sleep and then going to hunt again. After lunch all of the creatures from around the area come to an arena to fight I come first in all the matches except for one ; the creature is called MEDUSA. I got all the way up to the finals then just got knocked out AGAIN but there’s only time to improve.

A dragons life

One day, there was a scaly dragon called Malcom. He loved to play with rocks that looked like sculptures from a museum! “ROAR” he screamed while he stood up like a building. Everybody was scared of him, even though he was a very careful monster. There was a car on the side of the road and he picked it up and crushed it and then ate it. A person’s jaw dropped when she seen the pointy tooth of the dragon… she ran away! It stomped on the rough concrete while it stared at the biggest building he’s ever seen.

Medusa’s Diary – A new start

Dear Diary,

You will never believe what happened this morning when i woke up, I went to brush my teeth and looked in the mirror I was horrified at what I saw, all of my snakes had vanished! I was completely bold! I searched everywhere for my snakes but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I had to wear a towel around my head all day and tell everyone that i had washed my snakes and that they were drying under the towel.

I don’t know what I will do if I don’t find my snakes, maybe I will have to buy a wig and give up turning people to stone. Maybe this is the new start i need.


Getting Fired

“FOR THE LAST TIME, YOU’RE FIRED!”yelled my boss across the football pitch. My 12 year old son and his team were playing my boss’ son’s team and my boss was shouting the news across at me. I was so cross that my lips were pursed and my eyes watering with furious tears. I ran onto the pitch, took my son’s hand and rushed him off the pitch. We were going to drive to a campsite and stay there forever. At least I could get away from my boss and escape into the countryside. I was fired. WHY?

Achiles’s Missing Dog And The Weakness.

At the crack of dawn, I woke to the dazzling brightness coming through my curtains.As my dog, (Jack) barked is head off, I headed downstairs for some dog food and some breakfast. As I ate my normal breakfast like every other day I knelt down to pass Jack some food but oddly, he wasn’t there.

“Jack!” “Jack!” “Where are you?” after hours of uproarious screaming, I began to feel more concerned and started to worry about Jack, see he was only a puppy and I dont think he would be safe. I headed out to search for my dog and I wouldn’t leave until I found him. After hours of walking it began to become more and more dark, as my last shred of hope began to fade away I heard the best sound I could possibly imagine “woof!”.

“JACK!” I immediatly rushed over to where I had heard him, but instead of finding Jack all I saw was a figure watching me, idle, in the dark. I headed over feeling perplexed. The trees swished in the moonlight and I started to get closer to the figure, but all of a sudden an arrow full of poison shot straight into my heel.