Long Division

I will be showing you how to do long division in this post. I will start off with a example: 121 divided by 15. Below I will demonstrate how to do it.

The first step is to set up your calculation. Then you see how many times 15 goes into one, but it doesn’t go into one so you put a zero above the one. Then you see how many times 15 goes into twelve, but again, it doesn’t go. You then see how many times 15 goes into 121, which it goes into 7 times. Before I carry on I will also say a method on how to see how many times one number goes into another number, all you do is add the number by itself until you get to a answer relatively close to the number. Anyway back on to the method, so 15 goes into 121 7 times but to work out the remainder you put 15 times seven below the 15 (in Math form) and then you put the answer (110) below 121. Next you minus 121 by 110 which is 111. Finally you put 11 down as your remainder next to your answer and your done.

How to do short divison

  1. Put in your bus shelter and your question. First, put under the bus shelter your dividend. This is the number you want to divide. Then to the left of the bus shelter put in your divisor. This is the number you divide by. For example, if you do 121 divide by 15, 121 is the dividend and 15 is the divisor. Also, don’t forget to put in your decimal point.
  2. Get your divisor (15) and see if it can go into the first number of your dividend, the 1 in the hundred colem out of 121.
  3. If it can’t (like in our sum here) then move the one over to the tens column with the 2. Then see if you can put 15 into that. Which you can’t.
  4. If you could, you would then put the remainder into the next column along. But as you can’t you put both of the numbers into the next column and then work it out.
  5. Once you have found out how many times your divisor goes into your dividend you put the answer onto the top line.
  6. Then you put 3 zero’s (or more) to the right of the decimal point and put the remainder on the first zero (the tenths column) and work out the normal sum. You do that for all the rest of your zeros to find out the answer. Just so you know the answer is 8.066.
  7. Now to check your answer do the inverse. To do the inverse you get your quotient (the answer of your division sum) and times it by the divisor. The answer of the sum should equal the same as your dividend.


Short division.

To do short division you need to set out the question. So 15/ by 121 =… put in the decimal place in top and bottom. So how many 15s go into 1. 0. So cross out the one and put a mini one by the two. How many 15s go into 12. 0. Cross out the 12 and put it by the other one. How many 15s go into 121. 8, and theres one left over so the answer would be 8.1. ; )

Long division….121 divided by 15


Long Division.

1. Draw a bus stop and put 121 inside it.
2. Put 15 outside of it.
3. There are no 15’s in 1 so you put a zero above the 1.
4. There are no 15’s in 12 so you put a zero above the 2.
5. Now you find out how many 15’s go into 121.
6. There are 8, 15’s in 121 which is a total of 120.
7. So you now write 120 under 121.
8. Take away 120 from 121 and you get1
9. Put a decimal point after the 1 in the bus stop.
10. Bring down a zero.
11. Can 15 go into 10. No, so you put a zero after the decimal point in the answer.
12. Bring down another zero.
13. Work out how many 15’s go into 100….There are 6.
14. Write the 6 in the answer and take away 90 from 100.
15. Bring down another zero and repeat.
16. The answer is 8.0666 repeating.

The answer is 8.0666 repeating.

Space Facts

Amazingly, the sun is 300,000 times larger than earth. Saturn isn’t the only ringed planet in the Solar System. Many scientists are thinking that there is a black hole in the middle of most galaxies. A total solar eclipse can only last up to seven minutes. Strangely, you cannot here anything in space as there is not enough particles. The sun weighs exactly 1,989,100,000,000,000,000,000 kg. Today the sun is considered as a yellow dwarf, personally I think it’s easier to call it a sun. Almost all life is supported by the sun. Jupiter is often referred to as Zues. Jupiter has 67 discovered satellites.

Short division

I’m going to use an example to show you how to do short division.

When you write out your question you need to make sure you put it down in the right format. Make sure you have the right sign the divided sign.

For this examples we are going to use the number 4384÷7.

1. The way I do it is there to put about 2 cm line before you put the answer and how big the answer is put a line on top and then start using your division to find out what the number is. It should look a bit like this.

2. Second use your TimesTables to figure out the answer after you do that do the inverse to check if it’s right. You need to check if seven goes into four and it doesn’t so you need to add the four to the three to make 43. Remember to put your answer down, above the four put a zero.

3. When you check how many times seven goes into 43 if you do your TimesTables right you should end up with 7×6 is 42 you add on the one that is left over to the eight which makes it 18 and then you put six on top from how many times 7 goes into the 43.

4. Now you need to see how many times seven goes into 18 which is 2, remember to write down the answer, and then add on four which is left over to the 4 which is 44.

5. Then like before it is 7×6 was 42 it would be the same but this time you have to put the decimal point in, then you add on to 0 that you should’ve put after the decimal point.

6. Next figure out how many times seven goes into 20 which is 2×7, leaving 6.

7. Carry this on, you need to keep doing it until you solve the answer.

8. Good luck!

facts about space


1.Mercury is not the hottest planet, even though its the closest to the Sun,Venus is actually the hottest planet.

2.In space your tears don’t fall it just makes a patch of water even if you keep on crying it just makes it bigger.

3.The Solar system was formed nearly about 4.6 million years ago.

4.The first man in space was Yuri Gagarin which was on the 12 April 1961 who is Russian,he was sent in a Vostok 3KA-3 spacecraft.

5.The reason why we have high and low tides is because of the Sun and Moon gravity.

6.Neutron stars Can spin at exactly 600 rotations per second.

7.Saturn is known for its good-looking rings around the planet,the rings are made of Ice crystals.

Facts about space

Did you know that there are eight planets in our Solar System?  Pluto is a dwarf planet but is not included in the eight because it is too small. Neptune orbits the sun every 164.8 years and the Sun is 300,000 times bigger than the Earth!  Did you know that asteroids are made of small, air less, rocky worlds, spinning round the Sun but too small to be called a planet or a dwarf planet? There is a comet called Halley’s Comet that was last seen in 1986 but maybe seen again in 2061, (hopefully it will ). Scientists think that the Solar System was formed about 4.6 billion years ago.

The Candy monster

Suddenly in the dead of night there were two mini figures strolling around you would not expect mini figures to be able to walk but somehow they gained the power to. And also they were not mini to them but to human people they were very very very very very very small and they could not be noticed. Someone had bought them and they did not realise that they had bought some figures that could actually walk they just thought they were just a few old rusty mini figures that would soon get kicked out and nobody played with them.

The night of killer candy crushers.

“Kablewy.” The storage cupboard door blew open and the killer candy crushers storm out with smoke and a little bit of fire that went and got blown out by the biggest candy crusher there was, he was the one who had blown up the door up in the first place.

They were just about to smash open the jelly bean jar when there was a knock on the door and then the doorbell rang and they heard somebody running down the stairs and then there was a   silence but then “Crash,” they smashed open the jar with a hammer and then …