5 Sentence Story Challenge – A Caveman’s Life For . . . Ozi

Ozi, the caveman, lived alone in his dark, gloomy cave. Some dinosaurs had survived this tragic meteor but there was one dinosaur that scared Ozi the most: the Tyrannosaurus-Rex. With his bat on one side, and his throwing stone on the other; Ozi was going to kill this beast on his own! “Where is that beast?” he groaned as he pushed the bolder to one side, (don’t try and move a bolder yourself – you’ll get hurt). Ozi ran out into the wilderness looking for that dinosaur, but after that: he was never to be seen again. . .

The £1 Pound Challenge

The object of the 1 pound was to make a profit using only £1. To do this, we had to buy (or make)  something using £1 and then sell it for more money. My group sold bags of popcorn for 40p ; the popcorn kernels were very cheap (60p) and to pop the kernels, we borrowed a popcorn machine from the school. All of the money that we made was donated to the Helen Hodgkins trust, which is a charity for people in Ghana who haven’t got water. Finn bought all of the props that we needed however we didn’t need much. On the first day of selling, we didn’t have the popcorn in the bags so me,Dylan and Finn had to make the popcorn with the machine while all of the customers were waiting.The next day we were very organised as we made all of the bags in advance.

In the end, my group made roughly £23 overall and all of the classes profit added up to £144. This means we can buy a whole water filter (the water filters cost £100).I have really enjoyed the £1 challenge and we will also be doing the £5 pound challenge after SATS.


100 word challenge

The white crocodile collapsed  in shock , all the crocodiles in the area were normal  except that one. The wide lake that the crocodiles were in was murky and dark. The crocodiles were off to go to another place where they travel all the time and to see the crocodile king. The ORANGE CROC! Suddenly a croc collapsed within 2 miles however none of the other ones noticed without a doubt. So the white crocodile went to help the one that fainted. After that the white and normal one stayed in the same place for three years and lived happily.

100 word challenge

“AARRRR!” exclaimed Harry as the wide Crocodile came charging at him. Quickly, he hided within the collapsed house ( Were am I?) he said in a small whisper as he picked up his orange and threw it as a distraction. Tiptoeing down the path, he crept behind the Crocodile and went into a

energetic run. Suddenly, he saw a: huge Spider eating the rest of a huge Snake. He hid behind a tree; the spider had seen him but didn’t know where he was hiding. Slowly, Harry took a sharp turn –  The spider had seen him, this was the end ” OH-“

The story of Johnny Depp…

Johnny Depp was a lonely man -he was not know as a heroic person- just your friendly neighbour. Nobody ever thought he was capable of doing anything incredible. His father was never spoke about; ” You need to get out and get a job!” young Johnny would tell his father. But let’s get back to Johnny one day he wet out to get breakfast for himself he had been in a bad mood all day after he got in the shower and the water went cold. He went to his kitchen: “OIII!” he shouted as the boy next door kicked his football against the wall… Nobody ever thought he was capable of being a killer!

My Orange Crocodile

Hi my name is Eli and I have a orange crocodile as a pet. My crocodile’s name is Nash and his favourite food is fish mash. I found him in within a wide lake and he is one of a kind.He lives in my pond in my back garden. When I went into my back garden I found that the pond had collapsed. I through the rocks out of the pond and I found that he was ok. He’s only 30cm long after all. He only ate one type of fish which is a Guppy. It is very very rare.  


100 Word Challenge – Frenchy And The Crocodile

The colourful flowers surrounded Frenchy as she smoothed her hand through the luscious grass. She got up and walked towards the deep lake. Slowly, a crocodile emerged from the water. The orange flowers laid on the lilypads as they floated away from the crocodile. Within the lake there were beautiful fish (a lot of them). Frenchy collapsed to the floor when she saw the crocodile: it was no harm though. It didn’t want to hurt her. The wide lake made ripples like when you drop a leaf into the water. The crocodile sunk back into the lake, slowly and calmly.

5 sentence challenge. The hand.

”Jeremy was young, he would like every kid in the world:  walk to school, go home, have dinner and go to sleep!” However one day he was on his way to school when he realised that Mrs Gibbins house was not there ”where is Mrs Gibbins?” he asked himself – over here- was the answer of a small voice behind the bins; he turned round to see a scared face (what are you doing here) she said. Suddenly, her face went green and she outstretched her hand trying to pull him, he woke up he had been having that dream for 2 years.


100 word challenge

        Theo’s best dream!


This was the day where Theo had the best dream, he was fast asleep in the living room with his cream orange dog lying next to him. Suddenly, in his dreams a wide crocodile snapped it’s jaws at Theo. Within 30 mins, his dream changed to 10s of 1000s of buildings falling down onto the small city! They collapsed on a oil truck and all around the city; it was havoc. 1 dream later he fell down a huge well with a parachute on. Awesomely: a huge party was down there. Everyone was raving, screaming and drinking fruit punch.


My hundred word challenge

My hundred  word challenge

All of a sudden, a wide orange crocodile came within the collapsed  cave and it floated through the walls .   Ellie started to run : she was chasing it! It was the great Norewane myth  it had come to life….  What would she do what happened , if it tried to eat her. Her mother ran out and grabbed her and ran inside and it disappeared into  the day. Her mom called the pest control and they found nothing. Ellie and her mom moved away to the U.K . They are in a different country what would they do now.