The ‘EA’ Twins

A long time ago there was a battle between water and the sky. Scientists are finding artifacts from the battle which are very strange things! They are simply amazing and the engineering behind some of them is remarkable, unimaginable and absolutely crazy. Some people think maybe they were created by mythical creatures and because it was so long ago nobody can find any proof. The most ridiculous one of all is a cherry on a spoon, I know it sounds unbelievable.

In fact, some people think the cherry is a bomb and the spoon is a catapult! The army and a few scientists went to investigate. They cut open the cherry and found these …


It was amazing, it was a miracle and answered all of our questions. They could talk, fly and change colour. They are called Zarnda and Rex! They were asked to be on all emergency services because of their speed, strength and agility. They are now known as the EA twins which stand for the ‘Epic and Awesome’ twins!



“PIXI WAKE UP!” bellowed Mrs.Tyler (Pixi’s teacher), Everyone is down stairs and you are the only one who is still asleep.  She slowly pulled off her mauve quilt off of her and climbed out of her bed, just to stub her toe on her alligator door stop.  The door was tricky to open but she managed it.

“There you are,” her best friend Gemma called. They sat down and she stuffed her face with her breakfast, copying her worst enemy, Margret. Jemma giggled then yawned.                               “Maybe we shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night.” Gemma exclamed.                                 “Quickly, lets get to class.”

Talia and Susan


Hi i’m Olive i’m 11 years old my favourite colour is mauve and i live in New York .So basically what i’m trying to say is that i’m an ordinary kid on a ordinary street with a perfect life .

Saturday and i’m watching the news and apparently a meteor is gonna hit mars and a eletric signal is going to turn the world around . It’s now Monday and it’s been pretty boring however I’ve climbed 1 tree . ‘2 Hours later’.I’m sitting at my desk and I’ve got some really tricky maths … the hole class is screaming because the meteor has hit mars and our teacher is an Alligator i’m not bothered …

The spy mouse!

One mystical night a spy mouse was sent from a far away galaxy to find cheese but when spy Armageddon arrived to wall. His house in the his master was called spy john so he put his headset  and was ready for action. He jumped off of the chandelier  with his rope attached to his waste! The cheese was write bellow him with a posh and very sharp knife sliced through the cheese “I haft to make sure no one see’s me!” I garbed a peace of cheese and signaled all the spy mice crew there was john,Armageddon,Max,Sir Will and Digit.And they are the SPY MICE!!!!!

down in the dark

We start our story in hell (or school) we are about to destroy the monster of grammer I don’t get this monster his breath smelled like bad grammer so he and his friend went to the next class. The next class is science yes “remember it’s mrs twichand fluff.” “The teacher is evil” took s some of her blood   and mixed it with her pet alligator the alligator was mauve she was a monster now he fort her it was tricky so he got his big sword and attacked he fort to the end and he beat her very fast.

The potion

It was a normal day at school until we  did some science . We were making potions and I made a Mauve coloured one . I said to my teacher ” It’s safe to drink so try it ,” so she made a tricky choice and then she  tried it and it  turned her into a bright green alligator . She jumped out of the closest window and started climbing the school .

Once she had climbed the school she started running about on top of it . She jumped into a nearby pond and started swimming around until she turned back into a human .

Alligator teacher

At art school its a bit weird …First of all our art Teacher is a Alligator that wears a Mauve cardigan and blue shorts. All of teachers in our school are mean and she is too, she makes us climb the wall of death, do you know why its called the wall of death ? Its because one of my friends climbed that wall and then died because he fell. In art class the art really tricky to copy .I did this art piece called the pack man man it was a man packing teddies and books with jars of honey.







teacher that turned into a mauve aligator

one  day there was a teacher that teacher was the worst teacher in the world that teacher had been sacked 23 million times in a year one day that teacher got sick of being sacked so she went to go visit a old friend well her magic old friend she went to go to her friend and said she needed to turn teachers into mauve  alligator  her friend thought that was a great idea so she struck the teacher with magic so the next day in the morning she got sacked again  but before she got fired she turned him into a mauve aligator hahahah dont mess with me.

The Amazing However Unusual School Trip

Finally the amazing day that everybody was waiting for had come. Today was so special because we were going on a school trip to go climbing. “Line up in a straight line class,” ordered the most bossy teacher ever. Quickly and sharply the class made a line.

2 hours later we arrived at the climbing center. Straight away we got to work. First my best friend Tinny climbed the rocks. Then it was my turn, I found it really tricky . I also saw and alligator run across the top of the cliff! It was a very odd because its color was mauve.

The rest of the trip was too good!!

The domino contest

Today was the day of the massive domino contest in London. Everyone who entered had to try and make the best domino course to win . “So Jeremy , todays the big day and now its your turn to show us your domino course . Shall we go and walk to the start of yours ?” asked the domino inspector not knowing what was going to happen.

They walked to the start of the course and the inspector stared at it like it was a giant chicken . The start of the course looked like a massive red cherry on a massive silver spoon .                        “This is my course ,” Jeremy smiled as he walked onto the platform to set the domino course off . He pulled the switch down to start the domino course and it all went wrong .

Earlier that day when he had set the domino course up he didn’t realise that it was a tiny bit lopsided and so when he set it off it didn’t hit the dominos but it hit some trees .He was really disappointed because the course had taken ages to set up and he was disqualified.