The forbidden forest.

Once there was a boy called Jake ( well there was a boy called Jake until he went poking around in the forbidden forest).  Jake was a very happy kid: he loved football and playing outside with his friends.  Him and his friends were very cheeky and loved to do things that he was not supposed to. Now, I’m going to tell you about the time he took it way too far. ”What shall we do today?” He had asked his friends and they replied “I think we should go to the forbidden forest!” and that’s what they ended up doing that day, but they had no idea it would be their last. They were walking through the forest when they heard some screams and turning of cogs. They started to run away from this noise but it was coming from all around them, there was no escape from this blood-curdling noise. It was at that moment that they saw a man walking towards them…         After that nobody knows what happened to them!

Why me

” It’s been a long day,” I thought to myself as I sat on the bench: I just finished my football training session. 5 minutes later I started to doze off to sleep, however a noise startled me.  I rapidly stood up to see what it was. Nevertheless, I couldn’t see anything. Then I felt a small drip on the top of my head, my heart was racing like a formula 1 car. I slowly turned round, and what I saw was mind-boggling; a person with a ski mask on and carry a knife. Questions were flying through my head. Why was he chasing me? What have I done? Suddenly, he grabbed me… ” AHHHHHHHH!”

” ” , : ; ? …    MAPOS


The Misty Wood

It was 8:45, the sky getting darker by the minute.                                                                  “Bix!” wailed the girl who was all alone in the woods: she had lost her dog, Bix and was trying to find her. She desperately followed footprints in the snow, thinking someone might of found her and took her back to their house – but no. These footprints weren’t ordinary footprints. They, in fact, were leading somewhere completely different to where she thought. Then it was silent. Not a chill in the breeze, not a wisp of the wind. She looked down the path, seeing a figure coming closer. . . and closer. . . and closer. And just as she could see its face in the mist, it stopped. She could smell it’s rank breath and see it’s yellow teeth. She tried to run but she couldn’t, she just stood still. not a muscle moved in her body. She started to turn into the Fog, into dust. That is how the Misty Wood came to be. No-one has ever stepped foot in that wood again.

Slender Man

There’s a tale of a mysterious creature called Slender Man,He goes around eating people alive because that’s what he does,he also has a friend who’s a 8 year old girl called Abigail.Once there was three adults camping in a forest,which was very dark,they were just messing around when they heard trigs braking behind them.Before this happened one of them told them the story of a mysterious creature and the man who told them knew it was him straight away.

Voices of the book!

Slowly, I sat down on a bench in the middle of the overgrown woods thinking about the D I got in my test today. Tears began to flood my eyes – I opened my book and began to read calming my thoughts. I was about half way through the book at the stage when a little girl (Riley) got kidnapped by a 38 year old man. Suddenly, I heard a voice: a voice I had never heard before… “R i l e y” it spoke in a faded voice, like the whisperer from Puss in Boots. My heart began to thud as I looked back to see a man, a man that looked like the kidnapper’s character  in the book.  I got scared realising that Riley was taken in a forest and frightfully turned back around hoping he would go. “R i l e y,” the voice was back but no figure behind me. Oh why me? Why now? Why here? All these questions filled my brain. The bright moon (full moon in fact) lit up the spot where the figure had been when slowly the figue began to reappear. An arm. A leg. A head. A torso. All the body parts  finally merged together making a white and black image staring at me ready to scare. “Aaaggghhh” I screamed running through the night, not looking back, never to go to that wood again.

My last breath

Once there was a girl called Ellen, she was sweet and kind but what she didn’t know was that today would be her last day on Earth.

A monster lurked in in her closet at night: in her bed and even inside of her. One day she went out to walk in the the wood at the dead of night. Then out the blue, a huge cloud of fog drifted out and started to engulf her. Suddenly a picture of Zeus appeared in darkness. She started to run but she wasn’t going anywhere. She started to act possessed. What was she going to do? There was an ear-piercing scream.  ” what is going on!”…..

The whisper

As I was walking home through the old, abandoned, misty park I heard a faint hollow whisper… From my walk I started a jog and then a run. I ran and ran. I looked to the side and I saw ,like a flicker book, a man walking straight towards me. I spotted my house. I ran as fast as I could.             “Open the door and straight to my room,” I whispered to myself. I opened the door and a massive crate was there. I looked back and I saw the man and he was wearing a hooded cloak. I looked down and saw the floor start to crumble. The next thing I knew I was safe in my bed at home. Then I knew it was all a dream.

The haunted wood.

I was going for an evening walk through a vast, dense wood. The hairs on the back of my neck rose as a spine-chilling creature emerged from a shadowy bush. “NO!” I bellowed.  The creature scampered towards me. My heart pounded, I ran as fast as my legs could take me.  On the horizon I saw the safety of the city: the lights of my house shining brightly . I scurried all the way home; still bemused at that chilling monster. The next day when I was walking to school I saw some people entering the eerie wood. Distant screams filled my ears. Was I the only person to make it out of that wood alive?

The figure in the mist

I was once walking along an old twisty track. I normally take the first left when instead I tool the first right. My friends all tell me it’s huanted, but I told them it’s not true. But to do this I had to have proof. So I was going down the first right and  all of a sudden mist came over. And that’s when it all happened; the face; the body and worst of all the scream. I never returned from that trip. Now I terrorise anyone else that goes on that path.

The darkness

“AAAAAHHHHH,” screamed Tom. Someone was chasing him from the darkness: someone he didn’t know. Tom was scared and didn’t know what to do with himself. He just had to run. Suddenly, the man was gone and disappeared into the obyss. Tom came out of the dark woods and then run in the shop.

“What is happening!” cried Tom as he stayed in the shop until he couldn’t see the man that was chasing him…