Mother’s Monday 2018

Every year, on the day after Mothering Sunday, our school has Mother’s Monday. It is a day when our Mothers come to school and spend the day with us in our classrooms. We get to do a lot of different activities and our Mothers join in and help us.

I enjoy having my Mother come to school because I then get to spend more time with her.

The Mothers love to come and spend special time with their children in school, joining in on the work and having fun with everyone.

My precious tea cup

SMASH! My head quickly turned to see… my precious tea cup shattered into a thousand pieces. I knew who the victim was: Robbie! It could only be him as he is the only rebellious rebel. He always made people ferociously mad in every possible way. I was so so angry. He was definitely  done for!

“ROBBIE! GET DOWN HERE NOW!” He came stomping down the stairs. He had no idea what he was in for. He stomped down stairs into my dark shadow. I looked at his face and I could tell he was petrified.

“Now take a seat.”


Giant cup calles

Jack was running as fast as he could he was running from his brother because he had done something to annoy him.Suddenly he slipped down a hole.THUD.His bum slammed on the .Still bit shaken by what had just happened he stumbled  forward. To stable himself he leaned on something white. Feeling more stable he  stood on his feet to see he was leaning on a huge When he properly opened his eyes he heard some voices coming from the  cup.

” AHHHH.”He was terrified  what is happening to me its like I can…Can talk to cups.Then the cup said you are a cup yourself.WHAT!

The Huge Tea Pot

Who could of done this?  A huge tea pot was sticking out of the ground in my back garden, It looked like it was slowly picking up the grass.   Quickly, I ran into my house and got my mum to see it, as soon as she came the tea pot had gone.  But, Then after she went it popped back again.  Something was defiantly not right, was it just my eyes or was it real…

The next day the tea pot was still there, my sister came outside and said, ” Why is there a tea pot sticking out the ground?

The Loud Village

In a place far, far away there was a village which was as quite as a mouse. BANG suddenly a teacup the size of an elephant fell into the ground. Nobody no’s were it came from but the silence was broken. The next day the news was all over the world and every wanted to come and see it. hundreds of people started to arrive and there was plenty of noise but then in just seconds nearly the hole world was there. The village had gone to the quietest village in the world to the loudest village in the world.

The Haunting

I could hear it coming coming as it fell from the sky it was a MASSIVE teacup .It was golden and black it had a poster that called out “This teacup is for Madam Massel go to CREEP HOUSE in WILLOWS CORNER ‘as scary as it could be.It showed a address reluctantly I went to the the house it was dark grey.Others would find this scary however because I was a goth this didn’t scare me,it looked like a house from a horror movie.At the house there was posters everywhere.They all had arrows and big bold letters ‘TEACUP BRING TO DOOR’ so I did…

My mother’s monday experience

Today was mother’s monday and my mum was able to come to school. I really enjoyed having my mum to help me .

This morning my mum was with my sister but she popped into my  classroom for art .We drew ice sheets using different shades of blue.

We had lunch together in the school hall and then we went to lunch time break and played dodgeball.

This afternoon we did mystery Skype to a school in Ireland Which was really fun.

Then we worked on my 100 word challenge. I love mother’s monday and I can’t believe it is my last one in my primary school.

A special gift

It was a normal day for Molly,  like any other day. That was until she discovered a unusual package on her doorstep. Wrapped in red ribbon with her name written in capitals, the parcel was light as a feather. I wonder what this is thought Molly? As she carefully opened the parcel she discovered a little blue bottle saying ‘drink me’. “I guess I will, won’t do any harm surely, maybe like Alice I will shrink?”exclaimed Molly.

Slowly, Molly started to sip the sweet liquid from her new china teacup.Then out of nowhere it started to grow bigger and bigger!

What happened Here?

I wonder what happened here? Well I’ll tell you…,

So yesterday I was walking in the park and I saw someone doing something he defently shouldn’t be doing. Josh my friend was in the park and he told me he had a giant tea cup made for him. He was: digging a big hole into the ground to put his giant tea cup in. Annoyingly, I let him get away but I wish I caught him. One thing I did know was that he was leaving my school; he was probably trying to make his mark. I’m telling him at school tommorrow.

Letter Of Application

Dear Shackleton, I am writing as I wish to be a surgeon in your perceptive ship. I have longed to be such a thing for about 35 years. I have an inclination for it and I would be blessed. I would accompany you throughout. I am calm, adventurous and at times curious. Last year I was sent a letter by the government it said I was the best surgeon throughout Norway. I would be contented to come on your substantial trip. I am the best and I could be the brains behind your brawn. I would be pleasured to assist you. Do we have an accord?                                                          Yours sincerely Macklin and Mcllroy