100wc, The Master

The master, he was brave, bold,agile and especially strong. He could push the Two Lords pillars ( the pillars of the gods ) apart with ease. He had defeated many great armies like the Roman empire but his one weakness was that he absolutely despised sadness. Everytime someone was sad he would be on the ball to try and make then happy again : but one day he was not so lucky. Julius Caesar had failed in battle against the Egyptians and his best friend Aselois had been killed. And however much The master tried to make him happy he could not succeed so as he didn’t make him happy the master sadly disintegrated.

Homework 100 word challenge story

With bated breath I hid in the darkness. I knew that someone, or something, would find me soon, but who or what?

The hours passed by like minutes, when suddenly, it opened. What would be result of this? The other worldly doors couldn’t be opened by human hands, but the only people who could access it were human.

“We have been waiting for you” it rasped “You will not be harmed, you will be upgraded.”             A chill ran down my spine, what was it? Then a light turned on and blinded my eyes. Dazed, I stood up and stared at the horrid deformed creature before me. What would it do to me?

100 word challenge

2003 November 7th

Ronaldo, loved football. He loved it when the commentators’ would scream ” RONALDOOOO!” his son looked up to him not as a god but as his father and that was the way he liked it. ( Is this man human?) people would say but then Lionel Messi came along and he was called the ‘ chosen one ‘ and Ronaldo was out of the picture.
2016 December 29th
Messi has won 5 Ballon o’ dour while Ron has managed to grab his 5th just it time for the world cup. Ron has just had to twin daughters and his girlfriend has just become pregnant.

The edge of the world

A solitary man walked to the edge of the world.  Earth had been destroyed by an immense black cloud which had wiped out all life except for him. Behind was destruction, in front he saw nothing but pitch-black darkness.  He tentatively held out his hand and touched what felt like thick, rich velvet.  As he ran his fingers over the softness the darkness split open and suddenly parted.  A beaming light shone through sending particles of sunshine over his body.  The light intensified and he realised that what he thought was sunlight was actually a loathsome alien from outer space.

Light to dark

It was breathtaking…I finally stepped into darkness, all the years teasing me, taunting me. I took a vast step into the darkness, then a gust of wind whistled by my face (like a raging storm). Then I heard a whispering sound “Hello Jay” I thought to myself who is this. A few seconds later I felt a cold-blooded hand run down my back. What was going to happen to me? I finally turned round and all I could see was a black and white mask: very scary. ” You will now stay with me forever,” spoke the fearsome man, I had to move fast.

The Escape (100wd challenge)

Why me?, why here?, why now? I was scared, my heart was as fast as the beat of a butterfly. Everywhere I looked there was no exit from wall to wall. It was my worst nightmare come true: the walls were closing in on me. “There is no escape!” I whimpered (hoping someone would hear me) there was no use. The clouds grew dark as I slowly dropped to the floor thinking about everything i could have achieved. It was time to face my fear as the walls made contact to me. I said my last words and dropped to the ground dead.

The shadow

The light seemed to move ,it was just a shadow which was a mystery of the night, Area 51, ….!

”why did we have to go to area 51” asked Sam

”It’s an adventure plus it’s for fun because it is forbidden”

*Sam sighs

Suddenly they heard a cry it sounded like a sludge with a eek. Sam ran however his friend kept going, the light surrounded her she said take me and in a flash she was gone.

Because of this Sam got famous, he was asked if he would go back and he saw her again the girl (who he had missed).




the darknes

As I slowly walked into the house to go in my room,I got distracted by the television it was freaking out (it was very mysterious,) so I gently and carefully walked towards the telly to see what was wrong with it despite the fact I did’t think there was anything wrong with it;the telly rapidly smashed onto the floor “Ahhh”I screamed in panic.I saw a minuscule dark red button,I pressed it all of a sudden I got sucked into the telly:the television was substantial.all I could see was black I couldn’t find a way out, was I going to stay here?




What i have enjoyed about ICT

What I have enjoyed  doing in ICT

. Scratch – making our own project with a partner

. Audacity – making jingles in groups

. E-safety – a quiz online

. Morse code ( coding ) – we were coding with a\ sheet

. Share a story on  google docs -sharing our stories with freinds and them helping edit it

. 100 word challenge – with Mrs Skinner

. commenting – how to write a good comment

.email – how to attach things to our emails and

. copyright – how to credit people on there photos when you use them


This year I have enjoyed audacity as we made many jingles. Also I enjoyed scratch. Next year I would like to make a game on scratch and then we can test each others games.