West Wilts Dance Festival 2017

I was so proud to be able to attend the West Wilts Dance Festival at the Forum in Bath. this week. Once again the children had been expertly trained and encouraged by Karen Hobson, who had put together a fantastic routine. The children took to the stage second to last in proceedings, so had almost an entire evening to wait, but what a way to end the show! They dominated the stage, dancing to No Money by Galantis, playing out a story to the Dare to Dream theme for the evening’s proceedings.

The performance was both electric and inspirational, drawing an enormous cheer from the audience, which was so very well deserved. My sincere thanks go to Karen for organising, resourcing, planning and choreographing a spectacular routine that brought the house down and to the children for entertaining, showing such confidence and for representing our school so brilliantly. I was proud of every one of you. So many of my colleagues from other schools came up to me to congratulate our school on such a fantastic performance!

Something you may not know is that two of our children were selected to compere the entire evening, introducing each act to the stage and keeping the flow going. I must congratulate Oscar and Freddie who were just incredible, standing on an enormous stage in front of 1000 people to read their script with eloquence, confidence and humour, exciting the crowd and bringing on the cheers. I was so incredibly proud of both of them and they represented our school with sheer professionalism.

Thank you for a great evening out and a huge well done. That isn’t something I could have done at your age!

Here are some photos taken by Elaine Caddy of the rehearsal and I hope to get a video up online over the weekend, my apologies for the delay.

Terrific Scientific

Today we watched a live lesson on the amazing terrific scientific.Terrific Scientific is a project for children in schools. The live show is 50 minutes. The show we watched is about if we are supertasters, tasters or nontasters. To do this experiment you need blue dye some cotton buds and a small piece of paper. The piece of paper needs to be hole punched close to the end. Then you need to dip the end of the cotton bud into the blue dye and paint the dye on your tongue. The next important step is put the paper on your tongue and count how many taste buds are on the hole through the magnifying glass.The show is to encourage more children to have a passion for science. One of the presenters is Hacker the dog, who is a puppet , and he does presenting for CBBC as well. The show is run by the BBC. We are going to do loads more experiments in the future. If i’m not wrong, we are going to do 5 more experiments. There are also 2 more presenters which are Barney Harwood and Fran Scott(they are people). I really enjoyed doing the live lesson because I learnt loads about the digestive system and the human taste. In the middle of the lesson they showed loads of facts about food and the body. One of the facts was the tongue of the whale weighs 1200 KG. I have loved the Terrific Scientific and am excited to do the five experiments we have in the future.They also had a preview about if you eat a food every day for a few weeks then you will start to like it.


By Freddie M




Terrific Scientific

Terrific Scientific

(Live lesson Report)



On Tuesday 31st January 2017, Terrific Scientific ran their second live, online lesson. The live lesson was educational and very funny at the same time. The live lessons are used to teach children about science and to get them involved in science. The presenters were Fran and Barney – Fran being a willing scientist and Barney being a great presenter.


I found the live lesson very helpful and really enjoyed watching it. I think the lessons are a great idea as they are very interesting – especially when Fran set fire to the kale and crisps. When Hacker came into the show everything went electric. I think it is a great idea to include well known CBBC presenters and actors. I learnt a lot of new things from the live lesson. Everything was all very child friendly and was all safe. The live lesson was interactive as we were given sheets to fill out when the presenters told us to. It was a great experience for everybody.


terrific sciencetific

In orchid class we have taking place in the terrific scientific. It is a science program by the bbc for primary school children around the UK. This morning at 11am  we watched a online science lesson. This lesson was around about 50 minutes and was jammed backed with incredible information. In the lesson hacker t.dog, Fran scott and barney howard had a visitor this was professor Jackie Blissett. They did some real genius experiments. They explained about the taste buds and the digestion system. This was all amazingly interesting and it caught the attention  of every body. My favorite thing about the lesson was hacker because he was constantly making jokes and making the lesson fun! I can not wait for the next live lesson. I hope Hacker is there too next time!!    

Terrific Scientific

Today we watched a live terrific scientific lesson with Fran Scott and Barney Harwood (including Hacker t dog).Terrific scientific is where children from classes all around the UK take part in extremely fun experiments which will  get sent to scientists for information for later experiments.My Favourite part was when had some cheese puffs and some kale and put liquid nitration in the pots of food and set them on fire to show that kale gave you more energy and less calories. I really enjoyed our terrific scientific video and hope our next experiment will be really fun.

terrific scientific.

We watched terrific scientific live . They did some cool experiments and talked a lot about the human body . We learnt that our bodies are 50%-70% water! Also we got taught all about the different food groups including : proteins, carbohydrates and many more. The live lesson presenters were Fran Scott{a scientist} and Barney Harwood{a blue peter presenter} . My favourite part was when they used cold oxygen too see how fast and how high a flame would be when they set fire to kale and cheese puffs ! I loved the terrific scientific live lesson, it was so much fun!  

Terrific Scientific

Today we watched the live session of the superb BBC terrific scientific where they did some awesome experiments and answered a few questioned from the people that was involved in some of the Terrific scientific.Fran Scott and Barney Harwood were the people that were presenting the show also doing all the experiments.A special   guest was also involved with the BBC show,it was Hacker the dog from CBBC. During another experiment we counted how many taste buds are in a certain  part of our mouth by putting food dye on it.After the food dye was put onto our tongues we got a piece of hole punctured card and then we would count how many tongues.


Terrific Scientific

This morning we watched a live lesson on science with BBC Terrific Scientific. The theme was taste. The three main presenters were Fran Scott, Barney Harwood and Hacker T Dog. There was also a guest professor Jackie Blissett. Hacker made it really funny. I also learnt loads about taste buds, intestine, and how much water is in are body. Some off the lucky audience got to come up to demonstrate what happened with your intestines.