How It Began

  1. The 2 dates most often mentioned are July the 7th 1937 and September the 1st 1939.
  2. On September the 1st Hitler invaded Poland from the west.
  3. Two days later Britain and France declare war on Germany; that is the beginnining of World war two.
  4. On September the 17th soviet troops invaded Poland from the east.
  5. At the end of World War 1 Britain and France did some harsh things to Germany. They said Germany had to give almost all of their money to Britain and France; by 1928 everyone were starving and had no where to work.
  6. After Hitler expanded his army for war.
  7. It was illegal, Britain and France made a rule of it he ( Hitler) could not make an army.
  8. A few months before Hitler attacked Poland, Hitler and the German press accused Poland for violence.
  9. Hitler also ran several fake flag operations.
  10. The Germans believed that Germany had to retaliate and that war with Poland was justified.




































All you need to know about World War 2.

  • In September 1939, the worlds most devastating War started.
  • World War 2 was a war against the Allies and the Axis of Evil.
  • Hitler was ruling Germany and wanted Germany to rule Europe.
  • In September 1939, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland.
  • Britain and France declared War on Germany.
  • The War invovled 61 different countries.
  • The 2nd World War was the first War to use jet planes and nuclear bombs.
  • The big 3 Allied leaders  were  Winston Churchill (Great Britain) , Franklin Roosevelt ( The United States of America) and Joseph Stalin (Russian Federation).
  • The main planes that were flown by the Allied forces were the Spitfire and the Hurricane.
  • The Spitfire planes were made of fabric and wood.
  • The Luftwaffe was Germany’s air force.
  • The battle of Britain was were Germany attacked Britain so that we wouldn’t be ready to fight them.
  • The War 6 years long and it ended in 1945.
  • 55 million people lost there lives and 40 million were civilians.
  • The White Cliffs of Dover in Kent, held a maze of tunnels that protected soldiers that were tasked with guarding the coastline.
  • The Home Guard was made up of men and women who did not become soldiers. They acted as our eyes and ears in case of an enemy invasion.

Facts About World War 2

  1. Did you know, that World War 2 started in 1939 and ended in 1945?
  2. 61 countries fort in World War 2 to save their country.
  3. The Blitz started on the 7th of September and ended in 1941.
  4. If the air raid siren went off then you would go to the nearest shelter, if you are at school you would go under the table.
  5. In World War 2 nearly two million children got evacuated to the country side.
  6. Amazingly, some children were soldiers.
  7. France had more tanks than Germany in 1940.
  8. Did you know, that 15,000,000 soldiers died during the war.
  9. World War 2 started when Germany invaded Poland.
  10. England declared war on Germany on the 3rd of September 1939.

World war two Facts

Here are as many world war two facts, short or long, that I can find.

  1. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was born on 30th November 1874 and died 24th January 1965. He was Prime Minister from 1940 through World War two to 1045. He also got re-elected 1951 to 1955. He had many quotes from the war. Here are some of them.

           Never, never, never give up.

           Now this is not the end. It’s not even the beginning of the end. But it, perhaps,                   the end of the beginning.

He also had many more



Dunkirk was a huge world war 2 operation. It,s code name was operation dynamo. The Germans had made a huge push on the allied troops in France and forced them onto the beach,s of Dunkirk. Other 300,000 men were stuck on the beach for 10 horrific day’s and eventually over 300,000 of them got rescued by a hastily made fleet of about 800 boats. Most of those boats were Military however some of the troops were saved by civilians.

WW2 facts

  1. World war two actually started when German troops invaded Poland, they did this on the 1 September 1939.
  2. Then two days after that, the UK and France announced war on Germany.
  3. After, the UK and France announced war on Germany other countries joined in, either on the Allies or Axis, the countries in the Allies army was: UK, America, Soviet Union and France. The Axis army was: Germany, Italy and Japan.
  4. The meaning of Axis means “Pact of steel.”
  5. Then on the 27 May – 4 June 1940 one of the most famous act of World War two happened ( Dunkirk )
  6. Dunkirk happened to the north of France on a beach, where the Allies had to fall back because German troops where all around them, then a miracle happened people from all around the east coast of England took their little boats to save all the men from Dunkirk.
  7. However, the little ships didn’t take them home they took them out to sea where the big boats were because the big boats couldn’t get close to shore.
  8. Properly the worst thing about the war was being a prisoner, you were forced to dig your own grave. You were given tiny pieces of food and forced to walk thousands of miles to a different camp.


“Josh, bro are you excited for the bombs to hit?” questioned Lonnie as he jumped up and down screaming “its gonna look awesome”, “Obviously not and just remember you wont be here to see it anyway!” answered Josh. As the conversation got extremely awkward, planes were coming in and they looked like Germans Josh thought they were getting there babysitters the next day but obviously not. (Josh could see a weird shape falling from the sky in fact a lot of them almost like a BOMB.) Josh was running faster than he had ever ran before with Lonnie chasing behind him “I forgot my chocolate to survive can we please go back and get it?” questioned Lonnie “absolutely not do you have a brain we could get killed if we go back!” shouted Josh but then things got even more scary bombs were starting to hit the ground and destroy the place , but then suddenly out of nowhere “LONNIE A BOMB” SCREAMED Josh then “BANG!!!…”


WW2 Facts

World War Two

I am going to tell you ten very interesting fact’s. Did you know 80,000,000 people died in world war two. Also did you know that Hitler killed himself and his wife and he even killed his dog. He did all of that because he was losing World War Two. World War Two started because Hitler wanted to rule the world but people wouldn’t let him so it caused a World War Two. World War   Two ended in 1939 1 of September-1945 2 of September and now hopefully there won’t be a World War Three. Did you know that Germany surrendered before Japan and also Britain won World War Two, a lot of interesting things happened in World War Two. Also did you know, Amazingly, during the course of the war, German forces advanced through Europe. Did you know that the group most heavily targeted by the Nazis were the Jews there are some mind blowing facts about World War Two.


World War II

It was the day the bombing hit London, people screaming and going crazy all over the place on our street! The bombing day was only a few days after my 10th birthday however it wasn’t that exciting because all I got was a Few sweets and not much else. My mother was panicking and worrying as if we were going to die however it was all ok. This was the first time I actually saw a bomb hit near our street but our house wasn’t ok. It was on the end of the street and was damaged badly…

Me and my mother were in the tube station to get shelter: luckily a bomb didn’t hit straight above us other wise we would be hurt or injured terribly as for others. The Nazis didn’t care who they killed they just wanted to take over our land and rule us for the rest of history and so on; surprisingly it wasn’t to bad for some people but others it was bad. I wondered a lot how much the Germans wanted our land and to rule us forever?

The Letter

Dear Son,

It feels like years since I last saw you and your Mother. I swear bullets have been flying over my head for at least five years now. I hope so much that the war will before Christmas so I could see your excited face as you rip the wrapping paper of the presents that you have been waiting for all year. I wish you knew who much I miss you. By the time you read this letter I will probably be in the same muddy trench that I now know better than the back of my hand. Unfortunately, the generals are saying the war won’t be over until after Christmas but keep your fingers crossed. This is one of the most scary times of my life. I really want this to be the last time I ever shoot a gun or take a life just to make our leaders happy. Keep yourself safe.

Love Dad

WW2 Spitfire

The Spitfire is the most famous plane from World War Two. It’s brilliant design helped the British beat the Germans. It had very good speed, turning and firepower. It gave us a big advantage and helped us to win the war. The Messerschmitt was a German aeorplane and could out dive the spitfire. Both spitfire and Messerschmitt can reach up to 350mph- some spitfires have boosters that increased their speed by 34 mph for 5 minutes. The spitfire is the British icon from            World War II(WW2).

The original designer was RJ Mitchell, he died in 1937. The man who took over was Joe Smith and he developed the spitfire to make it more powerful and faster. The latest Spitfire Mark IX had a 1720 horsepower engine and was equipped with both 20mm cannons and .50 calibre machine-guns. The fighters provided crucial air support for the D-Day landings and many were adapted to be fighter-bombers to carry out attacks on German ground forces.