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Weather and Climate

  1. The atmosphere covers the entire world.
  2. It is a thin layer also helps the Earth from becoming too hot or too cold.
  3. Ocean cover 70 percent of the Earth’s surface.
  4. Volcanoes are formed when magma from within the Earth’s upper mantel works it’s way to the surface.
  5. wind is air in motion.
  6. As the sun warms the Earth’s surface, the atmosphere warms too.
  7. Ice is the larges supply in the world for freshwater.
  8. Water droplets from very warm air.
  9. A hurricane is a gigantic storm what can destroy almost everything on the planet.
  10. Earthquakes are the shaking, rolling or sudden shock of the Earth’s surface.

Facts about climate

1.Climate is weather on Earth over a long time.

2.Climate is affected by the amount of energy coming from the sun and humans from the gas that we put into the air.

3.Wind, oceans and mountains are all controlled by climate.

4.In the last 100 years the average world temperature has gone up by 1 degree.

5.Countries around the equator always have a hot climate.

6.On high mountains there is a cold climate.

7.The North and South Poles have a colder climate than the rest of the world because they are far away from the equator and the the sun can’t get to them.

8.Climate changes depending on how far away it is from the equator.

9.People can survive in every type of climate.

10.To survive in some climates you would need modern day technology.

The Wrestling behind the scenes.

205 live were gearing up for the invasion on NXT ,Jack Gallgher and TCP went for the MOSS they got them and took there bikes and cut a hole in the tree outside and put them in it. Triple H ran out to the ring and screamed “GET BACK HERE NOW”                                     “never” shouted Jack Gallger and TCP. The next day Drake Mitchell ordered Alex redric to take out Jason Jordan. So he set off to take them down but Moss were back and with there bikes they went down to the ring on there bikes going for 205 live. PS:they ran away.

The Creature.

The other day I was cycling through the forest when a mysterious man eating monster came out of a bush . I quickly cycled away but I crashed into a tree and was sent flying . When my bike had hit the tree it had been wedged so there was no point of me getting back to get it .The man eater was still chasing me so I ran to the closest exit that I could see and then ran as far away as possible .Today I found out that the creature that I had seen was a science experiment gone wrong .

10 Facts About Climate And Weather .

1.Ice is the world’s biggest supply of freshwater .

2.The hottest place on Earth is the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia where the most common temperature is 34 degrees C.

3.The coldest place is Plateau Station in  Antarctica where the most common temperature is -56.7 degrees C .

  1. Hurricanes can be upto 600 miles wide.

5.Tornadoes can have winds up to 300 miles per hour .

6.Lighting will normally  hit the highest point on land.

7.Lightning from thunderstorms kill around 24,000 people per year .

8.Clouds are made up of tiny droplets.

9.Wind is caused by changes of air pressure .

10.One of the deepest snow measured was 95 feet high.

Yesterday Night

I was travelling through the wood when I saw a rusty but cool bike implanted into a tree. The bike said a message on it saying ”when I got stuck something came but I don’t know what it was! I tried to yank it out when my muscles really hurt but a bit of the bark splattered on the floor with a green glow. It was a piece of emerald and apparently they are super rare to find. So I put it in my leather coat and walked off. Then the orange bike came out and a voice whispered ”get on were going for a ride.”

The tree that eats EVERYTHING

On the 4th of July Millie and Lilly were riding their fresh pink painted bikes around the park,they wanted to go and ride their bikes in the forest so they did. Millie thought it was quite creepy so she left , Lilly was so scared she did not know what to do in this weird forest . A few minutes later, Lilly realised she was lost she looked around for any help but no help could be found, she found some sticks and gathered them up to then make a tent with her stuff, Lilies bike was gone it was then found in the tree…





The Secret Door

There it was the best day of the year Christmas I was so excited it was early night I told my parents that i should go to bed really late  so it would be Christmas quicker but that was the problem my Mum told me that ……… I can but I have to be good but she said that I was only aloud until 11 O clock and maybe even later then I walked into the kitchen and found a knew little door I  had never seen it before ..……. I wondered what was behind the door……….. it was Dad eating my biscuits i could not believe my eyes.


Amazing climate facts.

  1. Did you know 18000 years ago most of Britain was covered in a layer of ice and glaciers.
  2. The Earth has been warmed by about one degree in the last century.
  3. For a long time people have been burning quite a lot of oil and gas,  when they are released into the air they make an invisible blanket and that’s what warms the Earth.
  4. The climate change is effecting the polar bears, the ice they live on is melting.
  5. Also, the climate change can change the flavour of your tea.
  6. The climate is making the rainfall in Kenya a lot less predictable.
  7. You can help prevent climate change by walking instead of using a car and switching off electrical items when your not using them.
  8. The coldest temperature ever recorded in England is -27.2.
  9. The hottest day ever in the UK recorded is 38.5.
  10. The most rainfall in one day is three metres, that’s as tall as the tallest man!