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t had been raining all morning…I needed to make sure that when I was walking to school I don’t get really wet and get into detention for making the floor wet. I didn’t have an umbrella so I had to text Gran (she’s got loads). I thought “where is my uniform?”I needed to look in my draw. Not only did it have clothes in there,there was also a melted ice cream  I saved when I opened the draw the smell flooded my room and it smells horrible.


After I got changed, I got a can of beans out and looked at the date it was two years old but I ate it anyway.


By Ruby and Lily.

The Unexpected Happenings

It had been raining all morning they still couldn’t get outside since that day everything had changed…

Nothing was the same and this is how it happened: it was a bright sunny morning everything was good until a big huge ship started hovering above the atmosphere “what’s happening” said Joe “get down,” it was the moment a huge EP (Electrical pulse) struck the hole. The next day the walked outside the bunker cautiously and they realised that the world would never ever be the same ever again.

But now every thing is normal. But how?

Rainy Day

It had been raining all morning and I was really bored i was just playing with my new toy cars, I really wanted to go out on the trampoline but it was raining and it was super wet. My friends were aloud to play out in the rain because they had rain jackets but I didn’t have one sadly. I asked my mum if she could buy me one but she had the same answer “I dont have any money. Sorry” then finally the rain had stopped but it was still really wet out but as long as it had stopped now I can play out!


Tiffany was cold and couldn’t go outside because it was rainy, it had been raining all morning and he was bored out of his brain. His friends were over from school and all they could do was play board games. They could hear someone screaming something from the basement below however it made a sound of a baby moaning for its mother. They were scared to go down there because something bad might happen there. They got there Mum to go down there and they suddenly heard a scream from there as if she just got killed.                                               “NOOOO,” shouted him and his friends.

By James and Isaac.


…It had been raining all morning… I had woken up at 3:00AM and it started raining, I lived in a little cottage in a village next to a very busy town. I was woken up by the sound rain which sounded like five-hundred raindrops collapsing all at one on a big green house. I slowly got out of my bed and started to stare out of the window, five hours later it was 8:00 and I finally could go outside to see . Five hour later it was 1:00 pm and it was still raining at this point it was flooding outside  u had to were wellies.

What is still to come……..

Joe has been working and it had been raining all morning. She was very tired because she was out all night with her friends and when she came home it was 3am and she had to be at work for 5am . She had to pay a price of being very very tired 💤. Then all of a sudden a big man came up in front of her and said

“you all right init .” She was very scared she thought that he was going to kidnap her but she was wrong it was the caretaker but she didn’t know that…….

When The Rain Came

It had been raining all morning … I had been trapped inside. I dragged my fingers across the window-pane dreaming of warm sunny days on the beach. I was six when I last went – it was amazing, the soft sand; the roaring waves; the tall tropical palm trees. I was climbing all the slippery boulders and even found a rock pool infested with mesmerising coral and tiny little fish that slowly nibbled at my short chubby fingers. I would catch crabs and show them to my mum and then I would go back and catch some more of them. That was all great until the rain came.

100 wc

It had been raining all morning, an ebony cloud overlayed the only chance of sunshine. Without warning, a radiation storm innihalated the town. It turned everything black, a lifeless black: then a radiant light shone through everything. It was a disease called the flare a light stronger than the fires in a nuclear furnace it wiped out human lifeform turning innocent people crazy. They were called cranks. Only the immunes survived. The cranks still hunted them down; they would stop at nothing to kill them, eat them until only they ruled all eternity. It was up to them to save the world. Meanwhile the flare ploriferated.

The Dounpour

It had been raining all morning and we were on the beach of Madagascar. All my family was there and we were having my birthday barbecue with most of my friends. It was (so far) and terrible day and nobody could fix it. We decided we should go  into the sea but I stayed behind, I didn’t feel like doing anything. I just felt empty inside, being bored of boredom.So I got up and snuck away into the bushes behind my mum and dad. Then I saw about 3 meters away from me a chest with Mussels and seaweed growing of it.

100 wc

It had been raining all morning. Ever since I had woken up. 7:27, the persistent pitter patter still going. Saturday morning, in the middle of summer. Crazy. Unbelievable. Rain?

I go down downstairs with nothing to do and pour some water into a glass. I take a sip. Everything feels odd. No noise. Just rain. I go back upstairs to my parents room and open the door. No-one. Don’t panic, don’t panic, it’s okay. But It’s not. Nothings okay. This is Not like mum and dad. I frantically run around the house searching in every room.                                          “MUM, DAD, WHERE ARE YOU?” I can’t help myself. I just let it out, crying for I don’t know how long. Then I heard the knock.