The Snowmen

One day I was out walking and saw two snowmen called Jerry and James.  They had been made by two little kids who thought it would be funny to make snowmen and dress them up like real humans. It was hilarious to all of the kids walking by, especially to the 4 year olds who were in reception at school. To make it even funnier they put little signs pointing to the snowman’s head saying I have no brains and weird things like that. It was hard for the snowmen being laughed at almost every second of the day, so Jerry got mad and decided to take a stand. He did that by toppling himself over and playing dead, which James thought was stupid, because it would just make the kids laugh more.  And do you know what? It did. For quite a while they were the talk of the town, that is until the sun came and they both turned into puddles of water.

Snow Day.

It was snowing ! The long wait was finally over as some small flakes of snow gracefully fell out of the sky.I was so excited to go outside and play that I nearly forgot my warm gloves.Once I had got my gloves I put them on and ran outside onto the soft snow.I picked up a massive ball of snow and then threw it at my brother . He wasn’t very impressed and he then threw one back at me . We both then ran up to the shop to get some sweets .

About an hour later we were allowed to go to the sledging hill with some friends. I quickly found the sled and ran outside to catch them up . When we got there we found a good spot to go down and I jumped on the sled and went down the hill . It was really fun when I sled down because it was a steep hill.

The Snow Fall

Finally, it was the morning, I’m not usually this excited for the morning because I never want to get out of bed but today is very very different… Last night, my parents went out for a meal so my Gran (Val), had to look after me. It was at that moment, I had just finished tea and I excitedly looked outside as it had started to snow! My whole face lit up with joy!  I went outside to see exactly how much it was snowing and it was really really heavy. I shouted “Gran, come here please, because its SNOWING!” She wasn’t very happy because she can’t sledge because she has a really bad back and it would make it even worse. That is sad!

So, now my parents are back, I’m going to wake them up and jump on their very big bed. “Mum, Dad wake up, It’s snowing!” I yelled.

“Sweetie go back to bed, its 5:00 in the morning,” sleepily exclaimed mum.                                 “Fine!” I say.  I’m firmly told to go back to bed on a promise that we will go sledging as soon as it gets light.  Can’t wait!

My Snow Day

“What, it’s snowing!” I exclaimed staring out of my window.                                                  “There’s no school, yes, an extra day of freedom,” I yelled excitedly. Happily, I ran down stairs to ask if it was true. My dream had come true and I’m so glad it did. There was no time to think about breakfast, I just dashed up stairs and got changed as quickly as possible.                      “Lola honey, are you going to have breakfast?” my Mum was calling up to me while I was getting my layers on.                                                                                                                  “No,” I was repeatedly calling down to her. Finally, I was able to get my gloves, hat and scarf on then… Suddenly, I was pushed out the way by Mia (my little sister) and Milo (my dog) because they wanted to be the first ones in the snow.                                                                          “I’m going to be the first one in the snow,” she yelled however what she didn’t know was that Dad had already gone on a stroll and that me chuckle. It didn’t matter so of I went to enjoy the fun myself. Annoyingly, Mia didn’t want a snow ball fight so I couldn’t have one with her. On the bright side Dad helped Mia and I make a snowman. We actually made two snow men one big one for me and a smaller one for Mia. Milo was a bit cheeky and stole their carrot noses. We also made an igloo but Milo was the only one able to get in without braking it.                                “Are you going sledging  this year Lola?” my Dad asked me after we had finished building the snowmen and igloo.                                                                                                              “No, not this year, maybe next year,” I replied to my Dad. This year I didn’t really fancy doing it. Unfortunately, the snow only lasted for that day however I hope it’s not the last of it for this year.

The Two Excited Snowmen

On a clear white snowy morning, every snowmen came to life again. All the children outside and building tall, long snowmen every minute.”DAD” a child named Marlon screamed as loud as he could to get his attention.”LOOK” he yelled, ”Can we go outside please oh please?” Outside there was two snowmen having the time of there life, they were making snow angels laughing and also throwing snow balls at each other. It was very mysterious because all the other snowmen were just standing still and not having fun like these two rascals. The next day the snowmen were asleep in the cold wet snow.As the other snowmen who weren’t playing they asked if they could play with the two snow rascals, ”Yes yes sure you can play with anytime even until the snow melts.” A few hours later, the all of the snowmen got bored so they kept on walking and walking to see if they could find a place to sled… they found the best spot EVER!

“Do I have to make a snowman”

One morning my mum said I had to play outside for at least an hour before i’m allowed to play more video games. I asked if I could finish my game but that wasn’t good enough – I walked outside into a pool of snow in my front yard.                                                                            “Well this isn’t that bad” I frown to myself.                                                                               “I could build a snow man” I frown again to my self still gutted about my mum. After a while I had made a snow man.I showed my mum.                                                                            “Well done, I’ll go get a scalf and a carrot for some finishing touches” my mum says happily.2-3 minutes later she’s back. She asks me to carefully place the scalf and the carrot onto the snowman. “Wow look at that!” my mum exclaims. I go inside and guess what I do after that;play video games.

‘ – ” ” , ! ;

My Snowman

I sat down on the hard, cold and icy snow wondering what to do. I had been thinking all day but nothing came into my mind; I sighed and then a thought popped into my head.                           “A snowman, I can make a snowman. I’ll call all my friends and they can all help me.” I smiled (the first time today.)                                                                                                             I ran inside and started making calls to all of my friends.                                                      “What are you doing?” asked my mum.                                                                                     “I’m making a snowman and I’m asking all my friends if they want to help,” I replied.                   “OK, as long as your quiet,” my mum demanded.                                                                     “OK,” I said cheerily.                                                                                                             An hour later all of my friends had come round my house to build the snowman.                        “I can’t wait. Right, Erin, Susan and Talia go and build the body.”                                               Everyone huffed and then an idea came into my head,                                                             “If you do it then I will make you all a hot chocolate and you can have some biscuits.”                After that, they all got into action.

Mia And Ella’s Snowman

Last weekend me and my friend Mia (who was eleven years old) were asleep at night when we both awoke with a start.  Quickly, I rushed to the window to see a pure white sheet of snow spread across the front garden.  We both ran outside and started to build a snowman, it had a carrot for it’s nose and pebbles for it’s eyes, mouth and buttons on his shirt.  Our mum called me and Mia in to have our breakfast which was poached egg on toast: after we had finished, we went outside to finish their snowman.  It was gone!  No-one could find it, every body looked for it all day long and by the time it was time to go to bed it still hadn’t been found it.  In the morning, we both looked out of the window to see if the snow was still there when we saw the snowman.

My Peculiar Stroll In The Park

My mouth hung wide open, gasping at this strange out come of what should of been a luxurious stroll in the shadowing park, until I came across what every child wants to make in the winter; snowmen. It wasn’t just ordenary snowmen, no, the first one was gazing down at its own snow angle in the foot deep crystle snow! The other, however, was lying in it, almost like it was paused mid flow of glidding its twing made arms and legs around to form a snow angle. There to big raven coloured, topped off with snow, top hats wobled in the now gentling wind, apon there miniture planet like heads. They wore patenned scaves, sharred at the bottom and had been carelessly thrown round what they had as a neck.  All this reminded me and took me back to my childhood days playing in the much beloved snow; sledding down the bigggest hills we could find and so on. I must of closed my eyes whilst I let my imagination run wild like a pack of hungry wolves, because when I’d openned them the snowmen had vanished with no trase to be found! How peculiar: well the hole day has been a bit.

The snowmen escape

“Jack wake up,” whispered Max. He was so surprised that he could speak as a snowman. To Max’s amazement Jack did actually wake up and Jack was just as shocked and surprised as Max was. ” AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH I’m Alive and I am a snow… hold on My mouth is moving and noise is coming out; I can speak!” shouted Jack.                                “SSSSSHHHHH: yes we can speak and move but nobody can know about this,” cried Max. “Come on let’s go and explore the world Jack,” Max said impatiently. The first thing they went to look at was Buckingham palace because they were in London. They were very lucky to get inside the building. They had a look around for a bit and then right before there eyes they saw the Queen and they were super nervous that somebody had seen them.                            “Sargent have you been making snowmen in the house again after the last three times I have told you not to” yelled the Queen. Slowly the Queen turned around and when she had completely turned around they quickly made a speedy dash for it. When they had gone out of the door the Queen turned around and she looked very confused. “Phew, let’s not do that again,” cried Max.