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Pursuasive writing.

The France app is probably the most informative app available  in Westwood. This absolutely amazing app was recommended by ABTA(the association of British travel agents). It includes a map , hotels , food , attractions , currency and a few French traditions . This will guide you in all you need to know about the region of Chamonix in fabulose , fancy , France! You can download the app for 99p on your tablet, iPod or phone now.

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Chamonix is a great holiday destination , giving you the opportunity to try out skiing ,yellow rafting and you can visit the amazing ice caves.

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Buy the information full, interesting, incredible Wellington Guide App. This mind-blowing app is the greatest app in Wiltshire. As well as being on TV this marvelous app has been recommended by the Geographic Channel. If you don’t read this app you will miss out on a world of beauty and exploration! Buy THIS APP AND TRAVEL WITH STYLE!!!!

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My amazing phone app is possibly one of the best phone app and guides you can have of Wellington, New Zealand. There are cheap four and five stars hotels with brilliant links to the webpage, it is very informative and there are amazing (but very different) places to go and to eat. Also it is very visual with lots of pictures and dazzling,beaming,bright colours.This brilliant app will save your time doing researching and will be much more joyful for you to do because we have already done it for you. Therefore you can spend as much time in wondrous,wonderful Wellington as possible.


noun , verb , adjective , adverb , preposition , article meaning .

A noun is a word that gives a name or label to someone or somthing ,elephant .

A verb can describe a doing word , walk .

Adjectives, are words that describe the noun , fluffy .

Adverbs, are used to add detail to show how , where or when somthing happens , slowey

Prepositions, usually go before a noun to show position in space or time , beside .

A , article is a type of determinater , can be definte , the .


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My phone app is probably one of the best guides of Wellington, New Zealand. The buttons work, it is informative, there are your essential needs on it such as currency, there are a few possible four or five star hotels with the link to the webpage, we have also suggested lots of different places to go for a day’s outing and places to go for lunch. It is very visual with lots of pictures and bright colours. It will save you time researching because we have already done it for you, therefore you can spend as much time in Wellington as possible.

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The Meaning of Grammar Words


A noun is used to identify things like people and places . In a sentence a noun is either a proper noun or a common noun. Examples of a proper nouns are names such Snoopy, Donald Trump or Father Christmas. Common nouns name general items rather than specific ones for example the word animals or government.


A verb is a doing word used to describe an action such as run, walk, went and made. Did you know that all sentences should have a verb.


Adjectives describe a noun and makes your writing more interesting. Examples of adjectives are words such as colossal, windy, courageous and scrumptious.


An adverb describes a verb and tells us when were or how we do something. Examples of adverbs are irritably (how?) yesterday (when?) away (where?) and almost (how much?)


A preposition is a word or group of words that describe a position of someone or something. Such as next to, in front of, behind or through something.


Articles are classified as adjectives but there are only three articles the, a and an. As they are all are quite small words they can sometimes cause problems if you use them wrong.You can use them in sentences like , The dog walked as he enjoyed walks, a cat would not enjoy them as much.