£1 challenge

Last week I did the one pound challenge with James and Archie, we were selling cups of lemonade. Me and James did the poster’s and Archie was going to buy the lemonade. Then we finally got our precious one pound. First my group organised how much we were going to sell our lemonade for we went for 30p. Our stall was on Tuesday and Friday after school. To run a successful stall presentation is the key, it needs to be seen, tidy and also a bit of shouting helps.

Finally, Tuesday came and we went outside to set up. Our poster’s was very bright so you couldn’t miss it. We started to fill up the cups with lemonade: it was hard because the wind wasn’t on our side. Then it began and people started to come to our stall. That Tuesday we made £5.50p. Then on Friday we made £5.60p.

So all together we made £11.10p, we made a profit of £10.10p. If we added up all the stalls money we made £144.37p. I think what we should do for the £5 pound challenge is get more cups for the lemonade. All this money is going to the Helen Hodgkins Trust charity to buy water filters for people in Ghana.

The £1 pound challenge

This week Orchid class did the one pound challenge , we were trying to raise money for the Helen Hodgekins trust where we give clean water to people who don’t have a clean supply to drink.

In my group, I  was with Josh, Daniel and Dougie and we decided to sell Ice-cream and lemonade.

We only had £1.00 to buy our stock (lemonade and ice cream) to sell on our stall.As a Group we made three posters to advertise what we were selling. Ice cream and lemonade for 50p and lemonade for 30p.

On the stall we organised our selfs, Dougie, Josh and Daniel did the lemonade and Ice-cream and I took the money. We had to make sure we had enough cups to put the lemonade and Ice-cream in. We also had a pot to put the money in and the change.

The first day(Monday) we made £2 and the second day(Thursday) we made approximately £21 and on the final day(Friday) we made £24.45 which I thought was good.the whole class raised £144.37 for the Helen Hodgekins trust.

For the next £5 challenge I would buy more stock (lemonade and Ice-cream) and decorations to make them look better. We may charge more money for the lemonade and Ice-cream so that we raise more money for the trust.

The £1 challenge

The  £1 challenge is designed to prepare us for the £5 challenge which shall take place after SATS. Basically what  you have to do in the £1 challenge is get into to groups from3-4 and make up a idea of a stool to do in the school playground. By the end of the week you would hopefully have raised over one pound. The money that you have made will then go to the Helen Hodgekins trust and hopefully will provide a water filter for a village in Ghana and give people clean water. So now you know what the one pound challenge is, I shall now proceed to tell you about our stool. The prices were 20p to have 1 throw at us (William, Freddie and I), 50p for five throws at us or £1 to throw 11 sponges at us. We did our stalll on Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday we made £8.61 and If Friday you add that on to the amount we made on Friday we got £14.96. In total the whole class made a staggering £144.31! I would like to say a big well done to all of Orchid class and also mrs Tyler for providing the £1.00 to each group.

£1 challenge results are in!

Orchid worked hard to raise £144.06 for the Helen Hodgkins Trust. This means we can buy 1 water filter for a village in Ghana which will supply safe drinking water for everyone.

 A big thank you to all the parents and supporters who helped us last week. 🙂 🙂

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£1 challenge

This week we done the £1 challenge, the whole point of it is to gain on your £1.My group was Eli and Fred we bought 16 candy canes and sold them for 15 pence each. On Tuesday we decided to sell are candy canes and earnt £2.05. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to buy something else to do it on Friday so we ended up with just the £2.05 but everything counts.

£1 challenge

For the one pound challenge we sold lollies. I worked with Kieron and Lewis. We decided that Lewis and Kieron would make the posters and I would buy the lollies. The posters told people how much the lollies would cost and they had information on them about special offers. I decided to place stars on the lollies to make them look more presentable to the customers. I cut the stars out of sparkly paper. When I had finished I stuck the lolly sticks into potatoes that were covered in tinfoil.

At the end of the day we took out a table and we set up our lolly stall. We stuck the posters on the front of the table and Mrs Tyler gave us the float so we could give people change. We traded on Tuesday and Friday. Our busiest day was probably on Friday because there were more people selling different things at the same time and there were more customers. We made lots of money, even though I pinched a lolly!

For the £5 challenge we will buy more lollies and try out different decoration such as flowers, mini footballs and little animals.





£1 challenge.

All throughout last week Orchid was split into groups to do the £1 challenge. In my group was : Dan, Isaac, Me(off course) and Dougie.  To try and raise as much money as we could we sold ice-cream and lemonade. It went down really well. We would charge 30p for a cup of lemonade and 50p for both. On day 1( Monday) we made £2. Then on day two(Thursday) we made £21.18 , which was really good. And then on the final day ( Friday) we made £25.45 ( I think).

The  whole reason we did this was 1 to prepare for the £5 challenge. And two to raise money for a charity called the Helen Hodgkins Trust. In this charity they give money to people in ghana to make water filters. Each water filter cost’s £100. As for that we made a whopping £144.06. That means we could buy 1 water filter.

The 1 pound challenge

This week in Orchid class we done the 1 pound challenge. Firstly we were given a pound and got the things for the stall (ours was lemonade.) The challenge is to get more than a pound by selling the things which you got:to make the most profit.The money in total is going to Ghana to get water filters. I was with Jay and James.

We organised by getting the poster that one of us drew and put it on the table so everybody could see it (with blue tack.) After that we filled the cups with lemonade which we were selling for 30 p. We sold ours on Tuesday and Friday.

The things that you have to do to run a stall of course is get a table and draw some posters; very clearly. Also buy the things which you want and then start selling.

We made altogether 11 pound and 10 p, we had succeeded. What we should change for the 5 pound challenge if we were doing lemonade is to buy more cups and lemonade.

£1 challenge

For the one pound challenge , my group did popcorn.We started with one pound and then had to make a profit, if you don’t know what a profit is it means you need to make more money that you started of with. We sold our popcorn on Thursday and Friday and made a profit of £24.45.We sold plain popcorn and popcorn with sugar in it,on Thursday we made about £10 and Friday we made about £13.We sold the popcorn after school to public, my group was Freddie and Finn.Altogether, the whole class made more than a £100!

All the money is going to a charity called Helen Hodgkins trust. Helen Hodgkins trust is a charity that gives villages in Ghana water.