Simonsbath day 5 – The Finale!

Welcome home everyone! Thank you all for a wonderful week at Simonsbath. You were a credit to our school and it was so lovely to watch you all show such confidence and to enjoy so many fun activities with you.

Here is a final set of photos from our last day for you to enjoy with your families and the recording from last night’s brilliant radio show. Well done everyone, you should feel so proud.

What a great time we had!

We’re back! We have had the most amazing time at Simonsbath. There have been some fears conquered; some have been away from home for the first time and some have learnt some important life skills about how to organise themselves. We have all laughed, cried and supported each other. Well done Orchid class – you did yourselves proud. A big thank you to all those who supported you –  Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Hannam. Mr. Rockey and the team at Simonsbath – Louise, Emily, James and Paul. Also, a big thank you to the parents who sent biscuits and cakes, named their children’s possessions (!) and supported all our podcasts and commented on the blog.

The best thing is that we now all know each other so very much better.

Have a great weekend Orchid!

Simonsbath Day 4

Hello everyone. We have just finished our live broadcast and despite a flaky broadband signal, I think we managed to go out ok! The children were amazing as always and I am so proud of them for so many reasons. Here is Day 4 in photos, part 1. A bonus part will hopefully be uploaded later tonight or early tomorrow morning, along with tonight’s live show. Thank you for all of your comments, we are all looking forward to seeing you.

Simonsbath end of day 3

A very good evening from us all here in Simonsbath. After a fantastic day full of fun, teamwork, excitement and laughter the children are all tucked up in bed and fast asleep, having given absolutely everything into making their day special.

This afternoon’s walk to Lynmouth was really wonderful, with the beautiful autumn colours in the woodland. What was so lovely, though, was the fact that, despite very heavy rain for some of our walk, not one of the children complained or said anything negative. Everyone was so positive and enjoying the walk that I think the rain was just part of the fun. We were also fortunate to be able to find out more of the story of Lynmouth and the flood that devastated the town, which the children found fascinating.

We have noticed many things about the week so far – that everyone supports each other so well, looks after each other so well and enjoys each other’s company too. The children have been as brilliant, polite and engaged away from school as they would have been in school and they are a joy to bring away. Here are the last of our photos from Day 3 of a great week so far:

Simonsbath Day 3 Part 1

Hi everyone. What a fun filled and jam packed day we have had. From giant wall climbing and traversing and indian tracker skills this morning to a long walk into Lynmouth this afternoon in the rain – mostly! Everyone has done so well today and has really enjoyed themselves, having had huge amounts of fun and laughter. Hopefully you will be able to tell from the photos. Here is part one of two – I will try to get another online later. Enjoy…

Simonsbath Day 2 Pt 2

As promised, here is another instalment of our fun day today. PLUS our top broadcasters have all been working hard behind the mics to bring you a live OB from the Common Room here at Simonsbath. We are hoping for another live show tomorrow. Please watch the website for times as I will update it when I can depending on our timetable. Love from us all.

Simonsbath day 2 Pt 1

Hello again from us all! Thank you for all of your messages and comments. The children really enjoyed hearing all of those. We have had another wonderful day here and, although the weather has been a little more on the damp side this afternoon, that hasn’t dampened our spirits one bit. Everyone has been so beautifully behaved and has had a go at everything on offer. The food has been really tasty and I think the children will be tired tonight after such a busy day.

Here is the first of two slideshows from today.  The broadband isn’t quite as fast as home (!) but I’ll get some more up later. Enjoy…

Good Morning from Simonsbath!

Morning everyone. We all had a really good night’s sleep and are ready for a fun packed day of Mountain Biking, Archery and Tree climbing this morning and then shelter building this afternoon. We did a live radio show last night and it would be great if someone could comment on this post to let us know that they heard it, please, as our internet is a little bit patchy! The children did so well after a brief planning session after Exmoor Birds of Prey and their show recording is below.

We will keep you updated when we can but we all hope you have a wonderful day.

Love from us all