Maths Day!

On the 24th of June, it was maths day and we based it on the Crystal Maze but just canged it to the Diamond Maze. We had different activites called: mystery: code breacking: shapes and P.E. My favourite game was mystery because we had a sheet of paper and it jad photos of thing around the school so we had to go round and try and find them. My second favourite one was the shapes because we had to make a pattern with no gaps and colour it all in, I didn’t finsih but I really liked it. That was my favourite things about maths maths day!

This year

Every year, everything gets harder, it is challenging but a challenge is a part of learning. 

My favourite topic this year, almost definitely was Myths and Legends. I would love to learn how to speak Latin, as the ancient mythology has always caught my eye and if I could speak Latin it would help me understand more, as in the past, Latin was a popular language. My other favourite topic also has to be Earth As An Island as I loved making the island Serim, with Mya and Erin. I also always love to write big writes, quick writes anything to do with freely making up stories. I am one of those people who write stories in their spare time so being able to do it in school, is just something for me to personally look forward to, as well as having such great friends to keep me company.  Maths for me has never been something I loved to do. However when it comes to doing it in a creative thought out way, it makes me want to do it. 

I also thoroughly enjoy learning French songs (even though have the time we don’t know what we are singing halve the time)!

Maths Day

On Monday 24th June 2019, it was our school Maths Day. We got split into four different groups, so we had lots of people from different year groups. We had a few different activities. We had one which involved some orienteering and co-ordinates. The older people had to go with younger people. We did some P.E and lots of other exciting activities. In each activities we could collect some diamonds. The most that you could get was four. We got three diamonds on two activities and four diamonds on two activities. In the afternoon we all got together staying in our groups. The teachers had made an enclosed area which had lots of different paper shapes in it. We got a certain amount of time in the enclosed area. We had to collect quadrilateral shapes and if they picked a shape which wasn’t a quadrilateral a quadrilateral shape would be taken away. My group’s score was 77 and we won by three points. It was an amazing day.

Maths day

On Monday we did maths day, there were four different sections the mystery , maths, coding and P.E  our team got 14 points and 1 min and 10 seconds. In the dimoinds maze we only went for the 4 shaped ones. My temates were Ollie Mya Sophie Darcey, Kobi  Lucas and some more. It was really enjoyful and great. In the myatery we got to find little pictures. In P.E we did rolling tennis balls and jumping. In code breaking we  had to do some calculaitons. After that , we went to do shape and some patterners that are cematrical. 


Maths Day

On Monday it was maths day and the whole day was based around the diamond maze.  There were four groups and four sections, shape, code breaking, PE and mystery.  You could get a maximum of four diamonds in each section.  Each diamond was worth five seconds, at the end my group got one minute and five seconds in the dome.  We had to collect shapes and put them into a post box.  Every quadrilateral was worth one point and every other one was a point taken off.  We ended up with minus one hundred and nine.

Curriculum Over The Year

This year has been packed with exciting Curriculum. To start of with we had some amazing topics. We had Out of Africa, Myths and Legends, Bhutan, The Maya, Earth as an Island and a few other things. In Earth as an Island we went into groups of three. I was with Jenna and Talia. We had to create an island. Bhutan is a really interesting topic. I would recommend to everyone that they should learn about it. One of the reasons that I love learning about it so much is that it is so different to England and how we run the country. 


 For English we focussed on Beowulf for a bit. We had to write down things from the story. We had to write up a few parts of the story from it to put up on the notice board. It is a very interesting story to read. We have also focussed on things only for one lesson.


In maths we have done quite a lot of work on fractions. I now feel much better about them. We have learnt how to do division properly. I am now used to working quite quickly and the maths routine. Recently, we have been working on place value. I was already feeling comfortable doing it however it is good to check up on things.


This Year

This year has been a brilliant year. For starters, there was the amazing topics that we did. My personal favourite was ‘Out of Africa’ because we found out a lot of different foods and recipes that they ate. Also ‘Myths and Legends’ was a very good topic because we studied new myths and new legends that we had never heard of before.Bhutan was an interesting country to cover as they have a very different lifestyle to us and lots of other countries. They are also a very environmentally conscious country and they have a king who retired because he did not want his son to become king when he died because it would have been a sad time for his son. We also covered ‘Earth as an Island’ which was learning about pollution and the plastic problem. We found out about how long it took for some plastics to break down and how it affected the climate change. We got to design our own island and I was in a group with Izzy and Cam. 

For english, we have done quite a few quick writes. I personally enjoy the big writes because I get to write more and I enjoy that. Comprehension is not my favourite but I get on with it and I finish most of my work.

In maths, we have recently been doing place value. I’d say that my favourite subject in maths is BODMAS. I’d say that my least favourite things are word problems. Right now, we are recapping on percentages. All in all, I have pretty much enjoyed everything this year and I can’t wait for the next one.

My Favourite Curiculum Topic!

This year in the curriculum I have enjoyed learning about Bhutan, we have a lady called Freda and she has gone to Bhutan, she kindly comes to us and talks to us about what Bhutan is like. On Mothers Monday, she came in and we dressed up as Bhutanese people, girls would wear a kira which is as big as a single duvet cover! It was a really hot day so we were wearing a blanket all day, I got way really hot. Also, she has a book about Bhutan and it is really factfull. It was my favourite topic!

school report



The best thing I enjoyed this year was Simonsbath.  First when we got there we had to stay with our year groups personally I had Zak, Cam, and Charlie in my dorm. It was quite an eventful week, we ate in a room called the common room and had dinner there too. Each day one of the groups would have to wake up early and sort out the food and set the common room out.Also we did some really fun little walks, we went mountain biking and walked along a cliff. They also had a little park and in that park there was an assault course and in the park we also did some climbing activities. On Wednesday we went to Lynmouth and went shopping, we also went up a really advanced escalator. After that, we  went on a mini treasure hunt in twos. Before that we also went to a big factory and some of the workers were really far underground. We also got to choose our food on a chart and you can add whatever kind of topping you like to a jacket potato which was amazing .Also it’s the same with breakfast, in the campsite we also had a tent with a lot of cushions.


Another thing we did was a football tournament that consisted of me Billy,Luke, Matthew, Cam , Reggie ,Josh and Ollie. That was really fun and we played against many schools and won quite a lot. I really enjoyed it and want to do it again.

Maths Day!

This year maths day was the most exciting and enjoyable days this year. It was themed The Crystal Maze but got changes to The Diamond Maze, the school was put into four different groups and we had to go round different activities. There was: shape, P.E, code breakiing and mystery. For each activity we got diamonds we could get up to four for each activity; in the end my group had fourteen diamonds which meant we had one minute and ten seconds in the Diamond Gazebo. We had bits of paper and the four sided shapes we had to put them in the box, with the other shapes if they went in the box we had a point taken of. In the end my team came second to last with a total of minus twenty-eight.